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Is bankruptcy in Canada’s future? Obviously at least 34 per cent of the population (the Liberal support in the last election) never took even a basic economic course. The Trudeau government has run up a $23-billion deficit in the first nine months of its 2023-24 fiscal year. Canada’s current national debt is a mind-boggling $1 trillion. Just to service the interest on the debt will cost taxpayers $46.5 billion in 2023-24.

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Justin Trudeau is currently spending tens of billions that Canada does not have on his vote-buying spree. The Trudeau-Singh socialist partnership spent tens of billions on unaffordable dental and pharmacare plans.

Wake up, Canadians; Trudeau is indebting your children and grandchildren with his reckless spending while pushing Canada ever closer to going over the fiscal cliff.

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The Bank of Canada’s high interest rates are beggaring Canadians and causing more small businesses to give up and close their doors every day, but Justin Trudeau is indulging in an orgy of spending. The Liberals are spending billions and billions of borrowed money every day. We are being governed by economic illiterates.

Something is indeed “rotten” in the country of Canada.



Justin Trudeau said at the foreign interference inquiry that the threshold was not met for letting the public know about the election interference for a Liberal riding. Someone should ask him if the threshold would be the same for a Conservative riding or an NDP riding. This sounds like another coverup. Where is the transparent government we were promised by the Liberals?

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I think it’s time for a little levity with your bagel and morning coffee.

Have you ever tried to buy a pair of pants? I wandered off to my local haberdasher looking to replace a pair of pants which, over the years, had become almost like family. Know the waist size and leg length; just a little longer. I like cuffs! This should be no problem. Did you know there are numerous styles of pants? Casual fit, relaxed fit, modern fit, athletic fit and something called skinny leg pants were all on display.

I panicked and left without buying a new pair of pants. When I got back home, I apologized to my old pants and swore I would never think of replacing them ever again.



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