Why data centers need to face-up to energy compliance

Data center facility in Worcester

It perhaps comes as no surprise that some of the biggest users and storers of personal data, namely Meta, Google and Amazon, are also the recipients of the biggest GDPR fines to date. Meta itself was fined €1.2 billion alone, earlier this year, out of a total of over €2.5 billion in fines, since the directive’s implementation five years ago. GDPR is arguably succeeding in what it set out to achieve; ultimately to force organizations to protect personal data or suffer the consequences.

This is interesting because as EU directives go, GDPR has become something of a poster child, a model for future directives, something to bear in mind when you consider the EU’s latest update to its Energy Efficiency Directive (EED). While GDPR has had its critics, not least Meta, it has teeth and this is why the EED has to be taken seriously.

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