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The Heat is On

Goooood morning friends and lovers, and welcome to a particularly sorchio Whatcha Been Playing? Summer has finally hit Blighty, bringing with it a face-melting heatwave and those Sticky, Sticky Nights that Kiss never sang about. I’m here for it, frankly, as it saves on heating bills and helps my body shed the excesses of meat. Of course, it makes sitting in the office writing about games a little uncomfortable, but as long as I have an excuse to eat ice-cream, I’ll take it.

And speaking of Summer, we have reached the end of Summer Game Fest, just in time to start gearing up for Gamescom. Because now E3 is no longer around, these things roll out for weeks, and weeks, and weeks. SGF 2023 was pretty good, all things considered, and I thought we got to see a lot of pretty exciting titles, all of which are either launching in September or in mid-2024 with absolutely no in-between. Hope you saw some interesting-looking games that piqued your curiosity.

If so, tell us about it below! I wanna hear what you’re gonna buy so I can be a trendsetter.

The Beat is On

This here section where I tell you what I personally have been playing is about to hit something of a standstill. As I essentially intend to play Street Fighter 6 and Diablo 4 for the next three years. Of course, by nature of the job and my interest in gaming, there will be other titles featured. And given the absolutely Jack Stacked fall season, there are a lot of cool-looking releases to get through.

Until those days, however, my spare time is dedicated to those two titans — Especially given that tournament season is just heating up. Oh, but you should check out my early thoughts on Neowiz’ Lies of P right here. A massively intriguing title that already seems to be finding a divisive role within circles.

The Feet (Juri’s) is on (Me)

BUT ANYWAY. It is time to get your weekend underway. Hope that you have a lovely one planned at that you’ll be getting your summers off to a wicked start. Of course, before you hit the beach, the mall, the Galleria, or the ice cream social, I’d love it if you could take a few moments to jump into the comments and tell us all Whatcha Been Playing? As I said last week, there are a metric ton of great games on the market right now, and our backlogs have never been fuller. So I and your fellow Dtoid community members are allllllll looking forward to hearing from you. Have at it! Oh, and don’t forget your SGF recommendations!

Have a wonderful weekend, from all of us at Destructoid.

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