Warframe joins the growing list of console games being ported to iOS

Warframe joins the growing list of console games being ported to iOS


Warframe has been around for a while, and over the years it has amassed a big following. There’s plenty to look forward to as it continues to receive new content. The community will be growing soon, as it’s coming to iOS on February 20.

It’s already available on multiple platforms where you can enjoy crossplay and cross-save features. iOS hasn’t been left out, and it, too, will have cross-platform save capabilities, allowing you to continue your adventure on the operating system. According to Digital Extremes, you can expect the “same expansive, high-quality” experience you get on consoles.

Styanax Deluxe from Warframe on iOS
Image via Digital Extremes.

The iOS library keeps growing

It’s not hard to believe that the port is coming, as several console titles have been finding their way into Apple’s ecosystem, including Resident Evil Village, and Death Stranding. It’s a good time to jump into the game, as from 20 to 27 February, you’ll receive a “free day 1 Reward including a 3 Day Affinity Booster and Bombyx Syandana.”

For those not in the loop, Warframe is a sci-fi shooter that can be played with others or solo for shyer folks. The community continues to grow, and the beginning of the year has seen a spike in the number of players. On Steam alone, the average number of players jumped from around 45,000 in November 2023 to over 64,000 in January 2024.

My time with Warframe has been more enjoyable than I expected, though it does have a bit of a learning curve and it can be somewhat intimidating for newcomers. It is a bit rough around the edges, so if you’re having problems getting into the game, we have some handy guides to help you with common problems.

I’ve also found the Warframes to be more fetching than I care to admit, and we’ll be getting a new one soon named Dante, who will wield a signature weapon. He comes as part of a larger planned update called Dante Unbound. The juicier details have yet to be revealed, though we do know that some quality-of-life updates are coming to Inaros, the Living Sandstorm.

If you’re looking for a break from Helldivers 2, or just want a sci-fi world to get lost in, Warframe comes recommended.

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