Upasana Konidela-Ram Charan reach hospital as the latter is about to deliver the baby [Watch]


Upasana Konidela and Ram Charan are soon going to have a baby anytime now. It is an exciting time for the Konidela and Kamineni & Reddy families. The two of them shared the happy news a couple of months ago. And ever since, Upasana and Ram Charan have been the talk of the town. Ram Charan and Upasana have reached the hospital now. And the video is going viral online. Ram Charan and Upasana’s fans have been looking forward to the celebrity couple welcoming a baby.

Upasana and Ram Charan reach hospital

Upasana Konidela and Ram Charan have reached Apollo Hospital. Upasana is a Vice Chairperson there. The mom-to-be was spotted in casuals. She wore a baby pink T-shirt and pants. Ram Charan had accompanied Upasana. He was seen in a checkered shirt and pants as well. They were accompanied by more people, it seems they were their relatives or people from the hospital. Ram Charan and Upasana seem to have decided upon the birth date of their baby in advance, it seems. The video is going viral in entertainment news right now.

Watch the video of Ram Charan and Upasana Konidela here:

Upasana and Ram Charan on pregnancy

Earlier, Upasana Konidela revealed that she is glad that she did not succumb to the pressure of having a child soon after getting married and that she and Ram Charan collectively decided upon the same. The two of them wanted to be financially secure to raise a child together and took their time. Of course, there have been talks about the heritage and wealth being passed down from generations. But Upasana and Ram Charan wanted to raise their baby by themselves.

Upasana revealed that she and Ram Charan decided that she should freeze her eggs for the time being as they both wanted to be financially settled and secure. Upasana also talked about the importance of being aware of different channel to afford health care, claiming that health care is very affordable in our country. She further claimed that her insurance will cover her childbirth.

It was earlier reported that Upasana and Ram Charan will be welcoming their first child in July. However, it seems the duo have pre-decided the birth of their baby as well. If reports are anything to go by, soon, Ram Charan and Upasana will be mom and dad.


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