UNO mobile tips and tricks

UNO mobile tips and tricks


Tip #1 – How to approach single player matches

When playing a classic single-player UNO match, the objective is to get rid of all your cards before the other three players. But if you intend to get rid of your cards first, you will lose a lot of coins when you aren’t successful. If you are aiming for the win, you are putting a lot of coins at stake, so I suggest trying to decrease your points in hand.

Points are awarded based on the cards left in the losing player’s hand. Number cards are worth the face value, action cards are worth 20 points and wild 4 are worth 50 points. At the end of the match, if you have action cards or wild cards in your hand, then you are going to lose a lot of in-game currency. So, it’s best to aim to decrease the points because, even if you don’t come first, you will still win coins for coming second and if you come third or last your will only lose a few coins.


Tip #2 – How to approach 2v2 matches

2v2 is where you play as a team, and we suggest you look at the cards you both have before deciding who will try and empty their hand and who will play the supporting role. If you are playing a supporting role, remember you should always help your teammate before yourself. For example, if it’s your turn and the red colour is going on, and your teammate has no red cards, then use number/wild cards and change it to a colour your teammate has.


Tip #3 – Use action cards late to win more coins

Winning the round is not everything. You should aim to beat your opponent by a good point difference to win more coins. This is why you should hold onto your action cards, such as +2 or Wild 4, until the end and use them when you are just about to get rid of all your cards so that they have to draw more in the end, increasing the points in their hand.


Tip #4 – Observer how your opponent is playing

Your opponent’s playing style will tell you a lot about what cards they have, so you need to be observant and adapt accordingly. For example, if your opponents use a wild card to change colour, they probably don’t have that colour, so you know what colour you want to use to make them draw cards and waste their turn. But, at the same time, beware of bluffers; they will intentionally make you think they don’t have a particular colour in their hands.


Tip #6 – Colour control

Try to control the colour. If there’s a colour that you or your teammate have a lot of, you can use it to your advantage. Naturally, this also means that your opponents will have less of that colour. If your opponents try to change colour, switch back to the one you have using number cards or action cards whenever possible.

With this, we come to the end of our UNO mobile tips and tricks. Stay tuned for more gaming guides and tips and tricks and use some of the gift codes for UNO, as those will certainly come in handy.


Tip #5 – Bluffing and Mind Games

Continuing what we discussed in our last tip, you should learn to bluff and play mind games. Sometimes, it’s beneficial to make your opponents think that you have or don’t have a certain card, forcing them to play differently and giving you an advantage.

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