Two quick wins to upgrade your digital security

Two quick wins to upgrade your digital security

Using a pop-up message to your phone (or an app on your phone) for identity verification is much safer than almost anything else.

Even if it makes you nervous, do it.

It’s definitely safer than leaving yourself exposed by letting a criminal get into your email with just a password that he can steal or guess.

Once he has access to your email, he can reset the passwords to take over your other online accounts such as banking, shopping and social media.

If you do lose access to your phone, follow these instructions to disable or delete everything on your device from afar. You’ll need to get your existing phone number set up on a new phone.

Yes, that means if your phone or phone number is verification of your identity with Google, Apple or Microsoft, you may need help getting back into your email. That’s why it’s important to set up recovery options ahead of time.

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