Titanic Submersible Used To Take Tourists To See Wreck Goes Missing


A submersible used to take tourists to see the wreckage of the Titanic has gone missing, according to a report in the BBC. A search and rescue mission has been launched in the area to track the submersible, the outlet further said. It is not immediately clear is people were on board the vessel when it went missing. These submersibles are used to take tourists to see the wreck of the Titanic, which sank on April 15, 1912, leaving more than 1,500 dead.

The site where the Titanic sank is 3,800 metres down at the bottom of the Atlantic, 600 kilometres of the coast of Newfoundland, Canada.

The deep-sea wreckage of the largest ship of its time was discovered in 1985. Since then, it has been explored a lot.

In February this year, video of one of the earlier visits to the wreckage was released to the public on YouTube, offering 80 minutes of uncut footage.

Then in May, the first full-sized 3D scan of the shipwreck was published. The high-resolution images reconstructed the wreck in great detail and were created using deep-sea mapping.

The reconstruction was carried out in 2022 by deep-sea mapping company Magellan Ltd and Atlantic Productions, who are making a documentary about the project.

Submersibles remotely controlled from a specialist ship spent over 200 hours surveying the wreck at the bottom of the Atlantic, taking over 700,000 images to create the scan.

The luxury passenger liner sank after colliding with an iceberg on its maiden voyage from Southampton, England, to New York.


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