The Open Minds- Astro Summit


A key question about life that intrigues all of us is ‘What does the future hold for me?’. Different people have different ways to find an answer to this. Whether it’s choosing a life partner, starting a new business or buying a home, people take several key decisions of their life only after consulting an astrologer. Some choose to visit a tarot reader and hope to pick the right cards.

 Some believe that their whole life is mapped out in their palms, while others are convinced that changing the spelling of their name will change the course of their future. But have you ever wondered as to how astrologers manage to look into the future? How accurate is astrology? What’s the difference between a tarot reader, palmist and numerologist? What are the complexities astrologers face when predicting the future? TOI’s The Open Mind launches with an Astro Summit that brings you answers to all these questions and more. Astrologers, tarot readers and numerologists tell you how they do what they do. The stars are clearly aligned. Are you ready?


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