Tempur-Pedic’s mega 40% off topper deal is back with a bang, just in time for Presidents’ Day

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Want to enjoy the premium, sink-in comfort of a Tempur bed but don’t have the budget for a full Tempur-Pedic mattress? I have some excellent news for you – there’s 40% off the Tempur-Adapt mattress topper, so you can enjoy that signature Tempur softness at an even more affordable price tag.

I’ve been waiting for Tempur-Pedic to launch its Presidents’ Day mattress sale, and the brand hasn’t disappointed. The Tempur-Adapt is a five star topper – you can learn why in our Tempur-Adapt mattress topper review – and 40% off is a five star saving. This Tempur-Pedic mattress deal does pop up from time to time, but it’s pretty much never bettered. And it never hangs around for very long, so get shopping on this best mattress topper before it disappears.

Mattress toppers are a great way to transform the feel of your bed, with the Tempur-Adapt an excellent choice if you want to soften a too-firm mattress. But if your bed is seriously lacking support, you might need a replacement. The good news is, plenty of the best mattresses are also discounted for Presidents’ Day (including the Tempur Cloud, which is 30% off).

The Tempur-Adapt topper is also available on Amazon where, right now, there’s 60% off the twin size. For a twin, this is the best price. For the rest, Tempur-Pedic’s own site is offering a better saving. Let’s take a closer look at this Tempur-Adapt topper deal…

Buy it if…

✅ Your mattress is too firm: The Tempur-Adapt topper is three inches of luxurious softness, perfect at turning your mattress from ‘hard as a board’ to ‘pillowy and plush’. Straps help keep it in place during the night, while the thicker build is effective at masking the feel of mattress underneath.

✅ You sleep on your side: With ample cushioning at the shoulders and hips, the Tempur-Adapt topper is ideal for side sleepers. The surface embraces the body and contours to your shape to provide pressure relief where you need it most, while there’s enough support to keep your spine aligned.

✅ You want a memory foam ‘hug’: Tempur was the first brand to turn the foams used by NASA astronauts into a bedding material, so it’s Tempur-style foam that many of us think of when imagining a memory foam bed. That’s a deep, cradling embrace, holding you in position as you sink into the mattress – and that’s pretty much what you get with the Tempur-Adapt topper.

Don’t buy it if…

❌ You sleep on your back or stomach: While the sink-in cushioning of the Tempur-Adapt topper can feel amazing at first, front or back sleepers might find they need a little more support after a while. The Puffy Deluxe mattress topper has a similar memory foam hug, but our reviewer found it suitable for a range of sleep positions. Puffy is offering 15% off all accessories for Presidents’ Day, taking a queen sized firm topper down to $195.

❌ You sleep hot: The thick cushioning of the Tempur-Adapt wraps you in a cozy hug. Comforting, but also a little warm, especially for those who tend to run hot overnight. You can add the cooling cover upgrade for $60, or you might prefer a topper made with a material that promotes airflow. The Naturepedic Adagio Organic mattress topper is made from naturally breathable latex, and there’s 20% off sitewide with the Naturepedic Presidents’ Day sale.

❌ Your mattress is past its best: A topper can help refresh an aging mattress, but it can’t rescue a bed that’s beyond saving. We recommend replacing your mattress every seven to 10 years, and right now is the perfect time to invest in a new Tempur bed – the Cloud, Tempur’s most affordable mattress, is 30% off in the current sale.

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