Take a Whiff of These Gay Pride Candles

“I’m an L.G.B.T.Q.-owned business, so it was very important for me to reflect that,” he said, emphasizing that he sells his Pride wares all year as part of his company’s standard offerings.

The “They/Them” candle has a base of vanilla and top notes of lemon, while “She/Her” smells of agave and peach. The “Gay Pride” candle offers up a whiff of “ozone,” which Mr. Dockal, 30, described as an airy odor.

Ingrid Nilsen, co-founder and chief creative officer of the New Savant, said her candle company was not releasing a specific Pride scent this year, though it has in the past. Instead, she and the company’s chief executive, Erica Anderson, have opted for what they are calling the “Loud and Queer” bundle, a discounted set of four candles from their existing stock, many of which are inspired by queerness. (Both co-founders are lesbians.)

“Supporting the rights of the L.G.B.T.Q. community is a 365-days-of-the-year effort,” Ms. Anderson, 39, said.

“This isn’t just a time to, like, slap a rainbow on something and call it a day and feel like you’ve done the work,” Ms. Nilsen, 34, added. “What I would love to see with Pride campaigns is people really making an effort to center the queer community and not making it about the people outside of the community who are allies.”

The New Savant’s latest candle, which is included in the Pride bundle, is “Sapphics in the City.” It comes in a silver jar wrapped in a soft pink label that explains the candle’s inspirations, including femme identity, lesbian pulp fiction and Ms. Nilsen’s favorite cocktail, the rosy-hued Clover Club.

What does all that translate to inside your nose?

Muddled raspberries and spicy chili pepper.

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