T-Series apologizes to Kathmandu Mayor over Adipurush dialogue, requests ban to be lifted


T-Series, the producer of Adipurush, has issued an apology to Kathmandu Mayor Balen Shah regarding a controversial dialogue that referred to Sita as the ‘daughter of India’ in the movie. In a letter to Mayor Shah, T-Series acknowledged the controversy and assured that it was unintentional. The mayor had imposed a ban on the film in Kathmandu, expressing objection to the dialogue in this adaptation of Ramayana.

Furthermore, other cities like Dharan and Pokhara have also enforced bans, alleging distortion of Nepal’s history and culture. T-Series has taken prompt action to rectify the issue and now seeks the ban to be lifted. In response to the controversy, T-Series reached out to Kathmandu Mayor Balen Shah, expressing regret and apologizing for the inclusion of the objectionable dialogue.

The production company clarified that the mistake has been rectified and emphasized that there was no intention to offend or misrepresent. T-Series assured the mayor that the necessary changes have been made to the film.

माफी माग्दै ‘आदिपुरुष’ निर्माताको मेयर बालेन @ShahBalen लाई पत्र !???????? pic.twitter.com/Ad45SX3P2m
— सुमन !! (@SGnepal) June 18, 2023

For the unversed, Mayor Shah initially ordered the ban on Adipurush in Kathmandu due to the contentious dialogue. He demanded the removal of the line stating, “Until and unless the slogan ‘Janki is a daughter of India’ contained in the South Indian film Adipurush is not true not only in Nepal but also in India, no Hindi film will be allowed to run in the Kathmandu Metropolitan City.”

Following this, he extended the ban to all Indian films in the city, effective from June 19. Dharan Mayor Harka Sampang also supported the ban, accusing the film of distorting Nepal’s history and culture. Additionally, the Pokhara Metropolitan City has implemented a ban on the screening of Indian films in solidarity with Kathmandu.

Mayor Shah had issued a notice to remove the objectionable dialogue from Adipurush within three days. T-Series responded promptly and made the necessary alterations to the film. The production company seeks the ban to be lifted, highlighting the corrective measures taken to address the concerns raised by the authorities.

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