Shocking Video Shows German Pop Star Injuring Herself On Stage


It was supposed to be a magical night, but the concert of German pop star Helene Fischer abruptly ended after a shocking incident. It took place in Hannover on Sunday evening, when Ms Fischer was swinging several feet above the audience, according to German news outlet Bild. The artist suddenly dropped during the acrobatic performance and hit her head against the trapeze. She suffered a cut in her nose and blood soon started running down her face. Ironically, the song she was performing on was titled ‘Wounds‘, according to the outlet. 

Several videos from the performance have been posted on social media that show the extent of injuries to Ms Fischer.

However, she initially continued with the performance as if nothing had happened, but the injury ultimately forced her to end the concert abruptly.

“There was a strange noise,” one of the attendees told Bild.

The 38-year-old performer initially left the stage saying she has to “get this over with first” adding that “everything is fine”.

But 15 minutes later, the organisers announced that the show is being cancelled.

“Some cried out of shock. Helene could be seen briefly on the monitors, you could see blood spurting out of her nose. Of course you can understand the cancellation after such an accident. Hopefully she recovers quickly,” one of her fans told the German news outlet.

A spokesperson for concert organiser said the singer needed “medical attention” without elaborating on the nature of her injury.

On social media, users expressed concern and wished Ms Fischer speedy recovery.

Bild said the concert was 42nd in Ms Fischer’s Stadium Tour, which will continue in August after a planned summer break.

Most of Ms Fischer’s songs are in German and loved by audiences in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, where she plays several concerts every year.


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