Republic of Ireland v England: Women’s Euro 2025 qualifier – live


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80 min: McCabe launches another ball into the England box and Hayes gets a head on it, leaping high into the air, but can’t direct it towards goal.

79 min: Campbell’s long, flat, vicious, frankly terrifying throws and McCabe’s punts into box are Ireland’s best bet here.

77 min: McCabe opts for a cross from the left, and finds Louise Quinn at the back post who sends in a delicious low ball across goal … but somehow it’s not bundled in! Ireland’s best attacking play of the game and they really should’ve had someone slotting that into the back of the net.


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76 min: Ireland have a free-kick from shooting range after James brings down Kiernan. McCabe lines it up …

75 min: Hampton misplaces a pass and Kiernan drives forward on the right, but is dealt with; Ireland have a throw. Stanway is on for Toone as England make another sub.

73 min: Carter recovers and England move forward with Lucy Bronze out on the right … but her punt downfield is poor and not to anyone in particular.

72 min: Walsh tries an ambitious ball forward to Russo, but Brosnan collects. Hampton clears the ball away out of play; Carter is down and in a bit of bother.

70 min: What looks promising from Ireland turns quickly into nothing, as Mannion hits a simple pass out on the right for an England throw. They’ve offered little when in possession.

67 min: Greenwood sends in a free-kick from the right which is headed away. Toone responds with an effort from range that goes over the bar.

65 min: A brilliant save from Brosnan! James won the ball out on the right and sent in an early cross for Hemp to head across goal … and the shot followed, surely to make it 3-0, but Brosnan somehow kept it out from very close range.

64 min: England play some neat touches on the edge of the box but Toone can’t squeeze though the killer ball to Russo inside it.

63 min: England break from the corner, but Mead is sent back by Connolly as both sides regain their shape.

62 min: Campbell has another long throw to send in … and she delivers from the left. Walsh heads it out for a corner. I reckon Ireland would prefer a throw.

61 min: Megan Campbell delivers a staggering long throw to trouble the England defence, but they just about get it away. That’s Ireland’s weapon for the rest of the game.

60 min: Ireland are readying up some subs, and here they come: Payne is replaced by Kiernan; Lucy Quinn is off for Campbell.

58 min: Walsh really is delightful on the ball, navigating her way with ease through the pressure of the incoming Irish shirt.

57 min: Kirby and Mead get their first touches, and the latter is fouled before some neat play on the edge of the box sets Toone up for a shot. It’s blocked.

56 min: Park is replaced by Kirby, Hemp by Mead. England want more goals tonight.

55 min: James launches into a dribble, plays the ball to Toone who turns well on the edge of the box and slots in a pass for Hemp, whose cross from the left can’t find a teammate.

54 min: All a bit turgid at the moment; Ireland just can’t seem to string a sequence of passes together. England can but Ireland’s off-the-ball work is solid enough to keep the visitors at bay.

53 min: Hemp just about keeps the ball in after a punt into the left channel … or not, with the whistle going.

51 min: England retreat to Hampton who, facing the Irish press, thumps long to James, who heads out for an Ireland throw.

50 min: Lauren James is down and in a bit of bother after a McCabe challenge … and now she’s up. The show goes on.

48 min: Ruesha Littlejohn is the player who’s gone off, by the way. England have much of the ball early on in this second half; Ireland need to up the ante, maybe with a crunching challenge or a defence-splitting pass, anything that gets the crowd going. They’re just a bit flat at the moment.

46 min: We’re back again, with Megan Connolly on for Ireland. England are unchanged.

HALF-TIME: Republic of Ireland 0-2 England

England have had a comfortable first 45 but will feel they should’ve wrapped this up with that second penalty. Greenwood, however, couldn’t find the net for a first-half brace, and so Ireland remain in this game even if they’ve barely threatened Hannah Hampton.

45+1 min: There’s a bit of pinball in the box before England eventually clear. The half-time whistle blows.

45 min: Corner for Ireland after Walsh and Lucy Quinn battle for the ball out on the left.

44 min: A stray pass from McCabe is picked up in midfield by England, setting up a promising attack … but Russo is offside.

41 min: James dinks a ball from the right towards Russo, who sets up Bronze for an ambitious effort … that sails high into the Dublin sky.

38 min: Williamson launches a crunching slide tackle on Carusa, setting up an England break. James tries her luck from outside the box but finds the hands of Brosnan.

37 min: James picks up the ball in midfield from Williamson and embarks on an adventure … but her subsequent pass is intercepted accidentally by the referee.

36 min: Walsh splits the Ireland midfield with a thudding pass but Hemp, the receiver, is cut off from causing any damage.

34 min: Carter, England’s left back today, is pressed back by a couple of Ireland shirts and is forced into committing a foul.


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