‘Queen of Tears’: Exploring Its Heartfelt OST


Love is profound, yet profoundly painful, in Queen of Tears. Playing spouses Baek Hyun-woo and Hong Hae-in off the massive Queens Group, Kim Soo-hyun and Kim Ji-won’s gorgeous naturalism lends heart to what follows in their lives: falling in and out of love, finding a way back into love, and hanging on to each other through trials.

Despite their crumbling marriage and an impending divorce, love blossoms anew as the family confronts an upsurge of crises, reaching its lowest point when Hae-in is diagnosed with a fatal illness.

Queen of Tears is indeed a tearjerker of romance, oozing emotions. And as it unfolds with just four episodes left until the climax, I remain optimistic for a happy one. The OST led by music director Nam Hye-seung that follows voices these crushing sentiments—Hyun-woo and Hae-in’s love for each other and the road ahead in their relationship’s ephemeral moments.

“The Reasons of My Smiles – BSS (SEVENTEEN)

This one’s an uplifting remnant of the burgeoning love between the leads in the vocals of BSS, SEVENTEEN‘s sub-unit of DK, Hoshi, and Seungkwan

The song speaks to the effect of music in storytelling, weaving smoothly into the fabric of the drama playing up the emotional resonance.

Dreamy music, pulsating visuals, and divine vocals encapsulate the tune’s heartfelt lyrics: “You stepped into my heart/softer than a summer night/became my everything/And now I know you’re a piece of my heart,” interacting for a sonic pleasure.

“Tell Me It’s Not a Dream” – 10CM

Even when the cards are stacked against it, true love persists. It reigns supreme and shines through the gloom. Such emotions abound in 10CM’s superb rendering of the song, making Hyun-woo and Hae-in’s situation look beautiful no matter what.

Amid harsh reality, the two are navigating their love for each other. 10CM’s dulcet tones blend perfectly into a harmonious melody celebrating love, capturing the mood of the words: “You are the light to my darkness/I just realized it/Your hand just fits in mine/So, hold it till the world ends/When you tell me your dreams/I don’t need a reason/Just want to live in this moment.”

“Hold Me Back” – Heize

Rich in romance and achy sensations, “Hold Me Back” is a flood of feelings in the potent voice of the gifted Heize. One is swept up in its rollercoaster as she so deftly and smoothly conveys the characters’ suffering, love, and resilience.

This song is so precious, whether it’s the subtle melodies that mirror their inner struggles or the haunting lines that conjure a sense of longing. “Stop me/Please stop me here/Stop me from running to you/I don’t know how to forget you/I just don’t know my path without you/Stop me.”

“Love You with All My Heart” – Crush

The song opens with a heartbeat sound as Crush bursts into its impassioned lyrics, such as “I want you to know, you’re the only reason that I still breathe, that I still live,” and “I wish I could have told you that I was made to love you, to love you with all my heart.” It sounds like he’s pouring his soul into the music, not just performing but also connecting with the listeners on a deeper level.

I can’t choose between the visual virtuosity of the scenarios we see in each of these music videos. The chemistry between Kim Soo-hyun and Kim Ji-won is off the roof. Their sensitive moments, their unspoken exchanges, and how they look at each other effectively reflect the piece’s title, building a time of emotion in tune with the soulful number.

“Fallin’” – Isaac Hong

Sometimes a song’s capacity to engulf everyone in its evocative beauty can be its most potent source of appeal. “Fallin’” is a track like that, chronicling Hyun-woo’s unwavering, overwhelming love for his wife and how the couple is growing more in love with each passing day.

Isaac Hong’s voice precisely portrays those emotions; his distinctive brand of singing almost lays bare emotions that meld with the moving words, acting as a conduit for the unfaltering love depicted in Queen of Tears.

“Can’t Get Over You” – Paul Kim

“I like you, no, I love you”—the biggest epiphany that serves as a window into the characters’ minds revealing their deepest conflict and heartache. This one, thanks to its euphonious sounds delivered by Paul Kim and its gentle orchestration, is the warmest declaration of love, as warm as Hyun-woo’s love for Hae-in.

“Can’t Get Over You” is so mild yet imposing in drawing us into the intricate web of love that defines Queen of Tears. It’s a symphony of emotions on-screen—love, loss, and the undying human spirit.

“From Bottom of My Heart” – Kim Na-young

Kim Na-young’s ever-appealing honeyed tone adds to this poignant piece—a sentimental ballad that dissolves into the play and states Hae-in’s urge to acknowledge how much she feels for Hyun-woo.

Hae-in may have been putting on a front of “pretending not to see,” but for her, it’s been Hyun-woo right from the beginning engraved in her heart, and now that time is fleeting, she wants to hold onto him and never let go. 

“Last Chance” – So Soo-bin

So Soo-bin’s rendition of the song “Last Chance” is an excellent bonus to this hit OST list. His voice possesses subtle yet exquisite vibratos that mimic the protagonists’ fluttering hearts. “I just want to be alive in your heart/All my love, I give it to you, in every word/In your eyes, I see all of the starlight/In my dream, you will be everywhere for a long time,” says the song. It takes on a life of its own and shapes the emotional terrain. Each note and wistful pause add to the tune’s melancholy, capturing the longing for love and the tumultuous storm the lovers are experiencing.

“Promise” – Choi Yu-ree

“Promise” is a beautiful reminder of the sacred vows of marriage. Sung by Choi Yu-ree, it expresses the promise to stand by each other through thick and thin, in sickness and in health.

 The song takes on a deeper meaning as Hyun-woo and Hae-in cope with Hae-in’s illness, and the moments of togetherness become transient. Nevertheless, Hyun-woo remains steadfast and refuses to give up.

“Promise” is his heartfelt tribute to his lifetime commitment to the beloved—a moving moment of emotional catharsis in trying times.


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