Qualcomm launches Snapdragon X Elite for Windows PCs and promises on-board AI and ‘days of battery life’

Qualcomm announced Snapdragon X Elite featuring the new Oryon CPU

Look out Intel, stand back Apple, Qualcomm is making its most ambitious attempt to steal the laptop computing crown, launching Snapdragon X Elite, a brand-new system on a chip (SoC) for Windows PCs.

The chip company announced the new SoC on Tuesday during its Snapdragon Summit in Hawaii. At the core of the new silicon is Qualcomm’s Oryon CPU, which Qualcomm claimed is faster in some benchmarks than both Apple‘s M2 Max and Intel’s Core i9. Granted, the numbers Qualcomm showed off were for single-threaded performance and on an unnamed benchmark test. They also claim that, at peak performance, it uses “70% less power” than comparable chips from competitors.

Qualcomm making bold claims about the Snapdragon X Elite (Image credit: Future)

Still, it’s not just the possible raw performance and power-savings of the Snapdragon X Elite that might excite system buyers in 2024 (when the silicon is set to ship). Qualcomm is positioning the chip as an AI wonder, capable with its 75 Tera operations per second (TOPs) of running, according to Qualcomm, AI models with 13 billion parameters on-device.

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