Protestor wears ‘bloody’ Roger Federer mask as activists launch petition

Swiss activist group Campax have launched a petition against On, the sportswear brand co-owned by Roger Federer, to demand their seamstresses in Vietnam are paid a fair wage. Federer signed with On in 2019 and owns a three per cent stake in the company which, according to Sportico, was worth around £238million in 2021.

Campax, who describe themselves as the ‘largest Swiss citizens’ movement’, have submitted a petition to On demanding wage fairness and transparency in the company’s production chain after publication K-Tipp claimed shoe producers in Vietnam were earning measly wages.

In a video of a protest shared on Campax’s social media channels, a man is seen working at a sewing machine while wearing a mask of Federer as fake blood is poured over him. The short clip is accompanied by the caption: “Fake Roger Federer experiences his red miracle: a symbol of the poor wages that On pays to seamstresses in Vietnam.”

On have denied claims that their workers in Vietnam are not paid fairly, with a spokesperson telling Express Sport: “In 2023, On’s main Vietnamese suppliers paid their employees considerably more than the legal minimum wage.

“By signing our Supplier Code of Conduct, suppliers commit to paying their employees a fair wage. This code is designed to guarantee fair wages and economic security for the workers within our supply chain and is grounded in the official guidelines of the International Labor Organization (ILO).

“The topic of wages is important to us because wages have a significant impact on both the quality of life of employees and the business development of companies. That’s why it is regularly examined and reviewed. We routinely monitor our suppliers through independent third-party audits, direct discussions, and internal reviews to ensure they meet our requirements.

“We are constantly evaluating our Supplier Code of Conduct and aim to set up fair wages and economic security for the workers with our leading suppliers in Asia.”

Campax appealed directly to Federer in their petition, which has gained over 8,800 signatures, urging the 42-year-old to ensure that fair wages are paid throughout On’s production chain.

Express Sport have reached out to Federer’s management team for comment.

The petition reads: “On describes itself as a sustainable company, this must also mean social sustainability. By being transparent about their plans for a ‘living wage’, On could show how they are committed to it.

“Another important reason why On can charge such high prices for their products is Roger Federer. As an advertising face and co-owner of the company, the brand is gaining recognition and popularity. We appeal to the responsibility of Mr. Federer and the management to pay fair wages and to disclose them transparently.”

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