‘PRESTIGE ACCOMMODATION:’ Bunkbed in North York the latest rental joke


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Remember when you were a kid and bunk beds just seemed like the best things ever invented?

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But as you got older, you realized bunk beds are only for the young and nimble, so perhaps if you are young and nimble and looking for a place to rent, this home in North York could be for you.

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The landlord of the house — located at 42 Pintail Cr., near Victoria Park Ave. and York Mills Rd. — took to Kijiji to place the heavily worded advert.

Describing the home as a “prestige accommodation,” the landlord is looking for a student or young professional to experience this “#1 Value!” — priced at $555 a month.

“Looking for 2 or 3 teamplayer students for a room (bundle discount); male or female combo; new room; existing mixed male female unit.”

The photo of the room not only shows a bunk bed against a wall in the tiny space but there’s also another twin bed crammed between the bottom bunk and the opposite wall, which makes one question how anyone in the bunk bed gets in or out while leaving the others unscathed.

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A pillow is also propped between the two beds to act as a divider of sorts.

The existing shared room rental includes male and female rooms while  the landlord reiterates their preferences: “Students, existing Multi-Cultural, working,” as well as “support staff/cultural/veggie and non veggie.”


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Other photos show what appear to be modern bathrooms and décor while the living space has some covered couches, an armchair, a coffee table and a TV.

There’s also a shared additional washroom, an outdoor area to barbecue, kitchen, laundry room and parking.

“Ability to clean and maintain; live in peace and harmony with others required,” the ad reads.

While the landlord enthusiastically wrote that the space, available as of Feb. 15, is on a first-come, first-served basis, they added that there is an application process for the qualified candidates who will have to undergo a credit check and provide proof of employment.

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The house is located in a “booming area” and is in close proximity to the TTC, highways, stores, parks and amenities.

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Oddly enough, the ad isn’t just a rental but a makeshift employment agency as well, offering “solid job connections, career options and contacts.”

On Reddit’s Slumlords Canada page, one user noted that the same address “is also registered as an office for some type of corporation.”

It adds: “Over 10 years experience in this location and over 100 students since 2019.”

One Redditor commented: “This looks worse than some of the s****iest hostels that I have stayed at.”

Another joked, “There’s been 100 students in that home! Probably still are, actually…”

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