Paper Trail hits soft-launch in the Philippines

Paper Trail hits soft-launch in the Philippines

  • Netflix’s new brain-teaser has hit soft-launch
  • Available now in the Philippines
  • The top-down puzzle game is set in a surreal paper world

Netflix Games and Newfangled Games’ Paper Trail has hit soft-launch. The hotly anticipated top-down puzzler, set in a folding paper world and boasting some gorgeous aesthetics paired with challenging gameplay is soon going to be hitting iOS for both iPad and iPhone if this initial soft-launch is any indication.

Paper Trail was originally supposed to launch back in August of 2023, and we got a playable demo in January. However, it was delayed to 2024, but we’ve finally gotten our first hint of the game’s release as it hits soft-launch. Paper Trail is also releasing on PC but, like many indies recently it’s also going to be coming to mobile courtesy of Netflix Games, which is a part of the regular Netflix subscription that’s boasted some particular gems in the past, like Samurai Shodown and Into the Breach.

We’d be loathe to mention a Netflix Games release without plugging our own list of the top 10 best games on Netflix right now. If you haven’t had a chance to check out Netflix Games yet then you’re missing out, because Paper Trail is exactly the kind of unique content we’re hoping to see more of on mobile, an experimental and in many ways quite unusual adventure that doesn’t focus on microtransactions or live service elements.

Sadly, Netflix Games extensive catalogue of amazing indies may not be long for this world as the company considers dipping their toes into paid content to go along with their highly controversial password-sharing crackdown. But at least with the upcoming release of Paper Trail we know that the subscription will still have an extensive back-catalogue to draw on.

We wrote a feature only a few months ago about the changes to Netflix Games, where we speculated that paying for games would drive players away rather than bring them in. And if you’re a little too sceptical to give it a go, you can check out some other games on mobile with our list of the top 7 games like mega-hit MMORPG World of Warcraft which you can play on Netflix right now!

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