Pacific Championships 2023 LIVE: Lindsay Collins double gives Kangaroos a narrow lead over Kiwis, Jillaroos lose to Kiwi Ferns for first time since 2016

Errors are starting to hurt the Kiwis.

After a strong start to this half, they’ve had fumble after fumble and are giving up precious field position.

This time, it’s James Fisher-Harris who drops the ball, and now the Kangaroos get the scrum feed only 30-metres out from the Kiwis line.

As if things couldn’t get worse, the Kiwis have some heavy friendly fire. Joseph Tapine and Fisher-Harris have a massive head clash, and blood is pouring out of both of their heads. Neither is sent for head injury assessments at this point, but that could change…

Australia 24, New Zealand 12 with 19 minutes to go

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