Mantic Games is launching an “epic-scale” Warpath Kickstarter in 2024

Mantic Game's Warpath promotional art

Mantic Games, the miniature wargame studio behind Kings of War, Firefight, and Deadzone, has announced that a new Kickstarter campaign will launch next year as they look to bring an epic-scale Warpath game to the table.

Warpath was initially envisioned as an even bigger version of Firefight, a system that would support sprawling battles with dozens of vehicles between opposing forces. For Game Workshop fans, think Warhammer 40,000’s even bigger brother, Apocalypse. Eventually, the folks at Mantic decided there might be something behind the idea of Warpath taking place at a smaller scale so that players could get truly massive armies onto the table.

And so, the team started work on the game, considering things like starting factions, what kind of materials they might produce the game with, and, of course, the rules. Rules nerds like me can even get a look at the in-progress Warpath rulebook, if you like.

Image via Mantic Games

We got our first big moment in August this year as Mantic turned to the opinions of the fans to decide what to do. With rumors bubbling that Games Workshop would be returning to an Epic-scale game, they wanted to ensure there was an audience for anything they did. They had little to fear, as a recent open-day video revealed that thousands of responses told them there was an appetite for the Warpath universe at a smaller scale.

As such, if you want to be alerted when the campaign launches next year, you can already follow the campaign page on Kickstarter. Mantic Games has been on a fantastic run, with the new version of Firefight going down a treat with fans, Kings of War being considered one of the best rank-and-flank games on the market right now, and a solid run of successful Kickstarters including Hellboy, Umbrella Academy, Terrain Crate offerings, and Dungeon Saga Origins.

Hopefully, Warpath comes together into a solid final product, and fans of smaller-scale wargames have another avenue to flex their tactical nuance and painting skills.

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