Lil Guardsman Featured at Indie X Showcase Livestream

Lil Guardsman

A Lil Showcase

The Indie X showcase livestream has given gamers a chance to visit a brand new kingdom. The showcase, an annual event that features upcoming indie titles, has given a glimpse of two new Versus Evil titles. Specifically, Indie X showcased Versus Evil’s upcoming point-and-click deduction game, Lil Guardsman, during the live stream. During the full live stream, players got to see some sneak peeks of the gameplay of Lil Guardsman. In addition to the live stream, a press release provides some more details on the game. 

Lil Guardsman invites players to a point-and-click deduction narrative. As the titular character, Lil, players will fill in for her father as a guard at the city gates. Of course, the game will follow Lil’s story as she takes up her post as the head guardsman. Now, being a gate guard involves a lot of people passing through. As such, players will need to interview the wide cast of characters arriving in the city. Of course, players will need to use deduction and discretion to decide who they let in. Understanding who someone is, and what their true intentions are, because the consequences can be terrible. It’s truly up to Lil to ensure the castle and the royal family are safe. 

For those who haven’t seen Lil Guardsman at Indie X, an announcement trailer gives gamers a small glimpse of the game. Check out the trailer below. 

Lil Guardsman is releasing later this year on PC, Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox Series consoles. 


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