Letter to the editor: Nightlife commissioner job a waste of money


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Re: Get the party started; City offers big bucks for nightlife commish, Feb. 10

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Wow … another waste of money. While the salary amount ($111,718.88) wouldn’t do much other than fill some potholes, it is a salary that taxpayers didn’t need to pony up for.

There are some very simple solutions to bringing people back down to the core of Ottawa. Since the pandemic, we now have most public servants working from home for the majority of the week. Increase the number of days they have to show up at the office. Crime keeps a lot of people away, and the new police presence will hopefully help that, especially if you bring back the beat cop.

Just a word of warning, however, that the more people gather, make noise and make garbage, the more the residents downtown will start to complain about it. Living downtown has its conveniences, but it also has its drawbacks, so I hope those in that area are prepared for that year-round … especially if the Senators get their new arena.

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Pick a level of government. Blame them for everything. Health care, education, policing and, yes, even stolen cars. It doesn’t matter. They’re to blame. Or are they? I have yet to hear anyone from health care, education or policing offer any suggestions except, “Give us more money and all your troubles evaporate!”

Until the hospitals, schools and protection agencies clean up the messes they created, I wouldn’t give them any more money.

One more thing: You guys with the $100K cars, park them in your garage at night. Failing that, have a $5 cutoff switch installed on the vehicle.



Re: Fond of Rwanda? Mountie accused of accessing records for ‘foreign actor,’ Feb. 14

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What on Earth is going on in the RCMP? Just weeks ago, a former senior RCMP official was sentenced to 14 years in prison for sharing sensitive intelligence. When I joined the RCMP, there was a very stringent and lengthy screening process. Every time criminal charges are brought against someone in the RCMP, public trust in the organization wanes. It’s discouraging to see such a once-storied organization constantly receiving more negative than positive media coverage.



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