Letter to the editor: Kudos to Netanyahu for blasting Trudeau

Here are today’s Ottawa Sun letters to the editor.

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Re: Netanyahu takes aim at Trudeau’s lecture, says Hamas ‘barbarism’ must be defeated, online, Nov. 14

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Kudos to Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu for chastising Justin Trudeau, who is becoming the Neville Chamberlain of modern times.

Hamas was so proud of what it did, it even made videos of its slaughter of Jews on Oct. 7. Hamas’s end goal is the complete annihilation of Israel, as per what Iran has dictated.

While Hamas is hoarding large fuel supplies for its own purposes, Minister Mélanie Joly is busy criticizing Israel for shortages.

Trudeau needs to support Israel’s survival fight and not constantly undermine it.



Re: Netanyahu takes aim at Trudeau’s lecture, says Hamas ‘barbarism’ must be defeated, online, Nov. 14

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And so he should. Face facts. Justin Trudeau has taken sides. After trying to ignore the Israel-Hamas War — note it is not referred to as the Israel-Palestinian War — on Nov. 9-10 he also ignored the 85th anniversary of Kristallnacht (1938 Night of Broken Glass), when Jewish shops in Germany were smashed by anti-Jewish hate mobs.

Why has our Phoney Minister Trudeau not spoken about that after what is now happening in Montreal with anti-Jewish hate attackers?

Instead, he comes out with gibberish designed to divide. There was a ceasefire in Gaza. Hamas broke it.



The non-stop bombing by Israel has to stop; this seems to be approaching Dresden proportions. Since the vile Hamas attack on Israel, there have been 25,000 tonnes of bombs dropped on Gaza in the name of routing out Hamas.

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However, all this has succeeded in doing is killing thousands of innocents, including countless kids. Hospitals have basically stopped operating since there is little to no power, clean water or food. Gaza residents do not know where to turn and their homes have been reduced to rubble.

Has Israel taken out most of Hamas? Not yet. It is little wonder that we have millions of people demonstrating against this war. Yes, many of them are despicable bigots, but I would say the majority are folks who just want the horror to end.



I’ve seen first-hand the unfair impact of dine-and-dash practices on workers like my roommates, students barely making ends meet. They’ve shouldered the cost of such thefts — a burden no part-time job should demand.

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Ontario’s move to ban such wage deductions in their reform is a step in the right direction, but it’s only scratching the surface. We must ensure that no worker’s livelihood is left at the mercy of a diner’s conscience.



So, let me see if I have this right. OC Transpo is in a financial crunch. The LRT is totally unreliable. Ridership is down so much that the operators outnumber the passengers.

Their solution? Cut routes and jack up the price.

Brilliant isn’t exactly the word I would use.


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