Letter to the editor: Cracks in the Liberal-NDP coalition

Here are today’s Ottawa Sun letters to the editor.

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Re: LILLEY: Trudeau and Singh lose the plot with grocery conspiracies, online, Feb. 8

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The Justin Trudeau-Jagmeet Singh socialist partnership cannot admit that its war on fossil fuels and reckless spending is driving up food costs, so they claim a “grocery store conspiracy.” Endless carbon taxes and escalating fuel costs have driven up transportation costs and food costs.

To show just how radical this partnership is becoming, NDP MP Charlie Angus has introduced a private member’s bill advocating that those speaking positively about fossil fuels be jailed.

Thankfully, cracks are finally appearing in the partnership, with Singh saying that, unless Trudeau brings in the costly pharmacare plan he wants, it may be necessary to end the bromance.

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Let’s hope Canada is never again faced with such a horrible situation where a party with 17 per cent of the popular vote and 25 seats can wield such power.



Considering the amount of cars stolen on a daily basis and the amount of people working from home, the majority of cars on the roads must be the stolen ones. Makes one wonder if we are using our police forces correctly. We have cameras for speeders, the Mounties are carrying luggage for illegals, police are serving coffee to protesters … So, are the thieves getting police escorts to the port in Montreal?

If the prime minister does get tough on the vehicle thieves, if it’s like any of his previous get-tough laws, they will be provided a get out of jail free app.

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Our part-time drama/math teacher prime minister is going to spend $5 million of our tax money to investigate the high price of groceries? When right under his nose is the ridiculous and proven useless Liberal carbon tax, which affects everything from field to fork?

Next year can’t come soon enough when his NDP friend cashes out and boards the pension-for-life gravy train. As for Justin Trudeau teaching math? Budgets balance themselves in his sunny holiday world.



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