Larry David tells CNN’s Chris Wallace to ‘shut up’ about net worth


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Comedy icon Larry David kicked journalist Chris Wallace’s question about his net worth straight to the curb.

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David, the star of Curb Your Enthusiasm and co-creator of Seinfeld, sat down for a recent episode of Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace, which streams on Max.

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The interviewer asked David about his net worth, to which the comedian quickly responded, “none of your f—ing business.”

When Wallace pressed the issue, David told him to “shut up,” according to a transcript of the interview that was reported by Mediaite.

Wallace told David that he read online that the TV show creator’s fortune was around $500 million.

“That number is so preposterous, OK?” David replied. “Ridiculous.”

Wallace followed up by asking him, “how about $100 million,” to which David replied, “OK, how about you shut up? OK. How about you shut up? Is that all right?”

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Wallace suggested nobody has ever told him to shut up during an interview before.

“Well, just shut up,” David replied.

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Wallace later told his interview subject that his words were “a little hurtful,” to which David responded, “Hurtful? What about your question? What kind of question is that?”

Wallace then quoted Barbara Walters as once saying that “there’s no such thing as an indiscreet question. There are only indiscreet answers.”

That prompted yet another spirited response from David.

“I wonder how Barbara Walter would react … (if someone asked her), ‘Barbara, how many times a week do you have sex with your husband? Do you think she would like that?” David asked Wallace.

Wallace replied that she would probably say “none of your business” but that “I don’t think she would have said ‘shut up.’”

In 2015, Forbes reported that David had a net worth “in the hundreds of millions of dollars.”

Before David divorced his then-wife, Laurie Lennard, in 2007, some reports estimated his wealth as high as $900 million.


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