Joe Burrow, Bengals Had Their Minds Blown by Oz the Mentalist’s Mind-Reading Tricks

Mentalist Oz Pearlman is at it again. This time, the famed educated guesser took his talents to Cincinnati where he left Joe Burrow and the Bengals in awe. 

Pearlman has made several stops across NFL facilities this past year where he has dazzled all those in attendance by somehow knowing exactly what players are thinking before they know themselves and his latest performance may have bee his best yet. 

He started his visit alongside offensive tackle Orlando Brown and asked him to close his eyes and think of a cold beverage he’d grab out of a refrigerator after a hot day. Holding a can of Coca-Cola for the big reveal, Pearlman was left stunned when Brown said orange soda, seemingly outsmarting the famed mentalist. Sure enough, it was all part of the performance. 

Pearlman opened the can and poured it into a glass cup—showing what else but orange soda. 

His next victim was none other that Burrow. Pearlman clarified that he and the Bengals quarterback had never spoken before, but he said he could guess which of his teammates he’d pass the ball to before he did it. Picking from all of his wide receivers, tight ends and running backs, Pearlman guessed right on the first two guesses. 

However, on the third guess, Burrow tried to trick Pearlman and faked a pass to wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase before tossing it to tight end Tanner Hudson. Pearlman read him like a book. The mentalist turned his whiteboard around and revealed that he predicted a fake to Chase before passing to Hudson. 

His final trick was his best yet. Pearlman asked wide receiver Tyler Boyd to write down the name of the girl he shared his first kiss with and note what grade he was in when it happened. Instead of guessing for himself, Pearlman said Burrow would know the answer when he snapped his finger. 

Pearlman snapped his finger and Burrow guessed fifth grade and somehow got it right. And you guessed it, he guessed her name was right and said Sarah—a piece of information Boyd said Burrow had a 0% chance of knowing. Just unreal. 

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