It is essential to ensure the integrity of India’s digital infrastructure: I&B Minister


Information & Broadcasting Minister Anurag Thakur. File

Information & Broadcasting Minister Anurag Thakur. File

Information & Broadcasting Minister Anurag Thakur on Thursday said data privacy and security of sensitive information was of paramount importance in an increasingly interconnected world and, therefore, it was essential to take measures to ensure the integrity of India’s digital infrastructure.

“India’s efforts in developing indigenous cyber-security solutions underscore our commitment to data security, aligning with global data protection regulations. As we harness the power of technology to drive innovation in the broadcasting ecosystem, let us ensure that we prioritise the protection of sensitive information and also not forget steps required for the integrity of our digital infrastructure,” he said after inaugurating the 28th International Conference and Exhibition on Broadcast and Media Technology.

Mr. Thakur said the Ministry had been a “steadfast guardian of India’s broadcasting industry, steering it through the winds of change with wisdom and foresight”. He called for the strengthening of public service broadcasting to provide quality content that catered to the diverse needs of the country, stating that Prasar Bharati had played a pivotal role in shaping India’s narrative.

“From the grainy black-and-white screens of Doordarshan to its HD and Now 4K digital transition, from analog Medium Wave to DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) and now FM of Akashvani, the diverse programming of Doordarshan and All India Radio has informed, educated, and entertained generations of Indians. From the analogue era to the dynamic digital landscape of today, our broadcasters have traversed a path marked by resilience, innovation, and unwavering commitment to excellence,” Mr. Thakur said.

Stating that developing the latest generation of broadcasting equipment had become an imperative, Mr. Thakur said there was a need to encourage indigenous research and development, nurturing scientific talent and fostering partnerships between the industry and the academia. He said the new Direct to Mobile (D2M) technologies offered exciting content possibilities for terrestrial broadcasting not only to television but also on handheld devices, and that too without the need for the Internet.

Talking about sustainable practices, Mr. Thakur said that by minimising the carbon footprint and reducing waste, it would be possible to lead global initiatives such as the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union’s ‘Green Broadcasting’ project. “India’s research and development in solar-powered broadcast equipment and energy-efficient studios position us as leaders in sustainable broadcasting,” he said.

He also sounded a cautionary note on the issue of content regulation. “Striking a balance between freedom of expression and upholding societal values is paramount. We must foster an environment where creative expression thrives within reasonable boundaries, ensuring responsible and ethical content,” the Minister said.


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