India vs England live: Score and latest updates from Cricket World Cup

Rohit Sharma clips the ball away for four – Gareth Copley/Getty Images

10:51 AM GMT


Rahul c Bairstow b Willey 39

David Willey comes back into the attack and breaks the partnership. I was just about to write that England needed a wicket and Willey has delivered. Rahul tries to charge him and it is skied up in the air off the splice of the bat. Bairstow takes the catch at mid-on and England have a crucial breakthrough, although they might have preferred the man at the other end. FOW 131/4

10:46 AM GMT

OVER 30: IND 131/3 (Sharma 79 Rahul 39)

Mid-off is in the circle and Sharma targets that off Moeen. He comes down the wicket and lifts it for four. Sharma is looking dangerous. Moeen does hit Sharma’s pads off the last ball but nothing is given. England decided against a review.

10:42 AM GMT

OVER 29: IND 125/3 (Sharma 74 Rahul 38)

Sharma comes down the wicket to Livingstone and chips it over mid-wicket for four. That was a very well-controlled shot. He follows that with a couple more down to wide long-on. That was not far away from picking out Moeen at mid-wicket.

10:39 AM GMT

OVER 28: IND 118/3 (Sharma 67 Rahul 38)

This partnership is looking a little bit ominous, as is Sharma who is onto 67. A couple of runs from Moeen’s second over.

10:36 AM GMT

OVER 27: IND 116/3 (Sharma 66 Rahul 37)

Sharma gets the reverse sweep out for the first time today as he beats Wood at short third-man for four. Next ball he beats Wood to his right this time as his late cut goes for four more. That was slightly aerial but Sharma gets away with it.

Rohit Sharma reverse sweeps off Liam Livingstone

Rohit Sharma is going up through the gears – Gareth Copley/Getty Images

10:32 AM GMT

OVER 26: IND 105/3 (Sharma 58 Rahul 34)

Moeen Ali has come on to replace Wood. Five singles come from Moeen’s first over.

10:28 AM GMT

OVER 25: IND 100/3 (Sharma 57 Rahul 30)

Rahul gets a thick outside edge off Livingstone and it runs away for four down to third-man. A wry smile from Livingstone after deceiving Rahul yet being hit for four. That is a more emphatic shot. Rahul sweeps it away behind square on the leg side for four more. Nearly three straight boundaries as Rahul cuts it past point. Malan restricts India to just two. That was poor running between the wickets from the India pair.

That is the halfway mark of the India innings.

10:24 AM GMT

OVER 24: IND 89/3 (Sharma 57 Rahul 19)

This is excellent bowling from Wood and he is causing problems for Sharma. Wood half appeals for a LBW but Sharma just got an inside edge on that ball.

Sharma decides to go on the attack against Wood and hoicks over mid-wicket. It was not the best contact and it plugs in the deep for a couple of runs. That takes him to his 54th ODI fifty. He then flicks a ball that is sliding down leg from Wood for six over fine-leg. Sharma plays that shot so well.

India's captain Rohit Sharma celebrates his fifty with teammate KL Rahul

Rohit Sharma (left) goes to yet another fifty in ODI cricket – Aijaz Rahi/AP

10:18 AM GMT

OVER 23: IND 81/3 (Sharma 49 Rahul 19)

Liam Livingstone has come on to replace Rashid. Willey looks like he has hurt himself fielding at cover; he stops a powerful drive from Rahul and looks in some pain. But he looks fine to continue. Livingstone starts with a maiden.

David Willey grimaces after hurting his hand in the field

David Willey hurt his hand fielding but fine to continue – Adnan Abidi/Reuters

10:15 AM GMT

OVER 22: IND 81/3 (Sharma 49 Rahul 19)

That is a great ball from Wood, who is back on after treatment on his finger. As Sharma tries to tuck into the leg-side, Wood gets the ball to rise on him a little and it comes off the edge but it lands safely. Three singles from Wood’s fourth over.

10:09 AM GMT

OVER 21: IND 78/3 (Sharma 48 Rahul 17)

Mark Wood has popped off the field, receiving a bit of treatment on his finger after he was struck on the hand whilst bowling in that last over.

Sharma sweeps Rashid behind square on the leg-side for four. Remember he overturned a LBW decision off Wood on 33. Sharma has just gone past 18,000 runs in international cricket.

India's Rohit Sharma sweeping Adil Rashid

Rohit Sharma goes past 18,000 international runs – Andrew Boyers/Reuters

10:06 AM GMT

OVER 20: IND 73/3 (Sharma 44 Rahul 16)

England’s fielding today has been impressive. Livingstone does really well on the cover boundary to stop a two and those small things make a big difference. Just the three singles from Wood’s latest over.

10:00 AM GMT

OVER 19: IND 70/3 (Sharma 43 Rahul 14)

India get three singles from Rashid’s fifth over.

“It is one of the truisms of cricket that fielding reflects a team’s mindset and England have been so much sharper today. The early wicket helped of course but it is noticeable how switched on they have been compared to recent performances. Willey owed his Kohli wicket to a brilliant diving stop at cover by Dawid Malan that kept him on strike and, crucially, on zero. Kohli lost his shape and head two balls later, holing out to mid off. Two overs later and a shy by Stokes at mid off, picking up a parry by Malan, hit the one stump he was aiming for but Rohit was home.”

09:56 AM GMT

OVER 18: IND 67/3 (Sharma 42 Rahul 12)

Unlucky for Wood and England. He does not have a slip in place and the ball flies off a thick outside edge from Rahul for four, beating third-man to his left.

09:52 AM GMT

OVER 17: IND 62/3 (Sharma 42 Rahul 7)

Sharma manages to find a gap with an emphatic drive through cover for four, the first boundary Rashid has conceded today.

09:46 AM GMT

OVER 16: IND 55/3 (Sharma 37 Rahul 5)

England think they have a massive moment! Woakes comes out of the attack to be replaced by Mark Wood, who himself has not had a great tournament. And he pins Sharma in front and it is given out. Sharma has reviewed and the technology says it was missing the stumps, just. Hmmmmm. Typical of cricket then next ball as Sharma cuts it away for four.

England's Mark Wood awaits for the DRS review after taking the lbw wicket of India's Rohit Sharma

England thought they had Rohit Sharma LBW but the decision was overturned – Adnan Abidi/Reuters

Time for a drink.

09:38 AM GMT

OVER 15: IND 50/3 (Sharma 33 Rahul 4)

That is a superb ball from Rashid as he gets one to turn past the edge of Sharma’s bat. Just the one run from Rashid’s over. Sharma has just gone past 1,000 ODI runs in 2023 at an average of 55. Talk about a man in form and how England would love to dismiss him soon.

09:36 AM GMT

OVER 14: IND 49/3 (Sharma 33 Rahul 3)

Woakes is bowling a seventh straight over, which is no surprise considering how well he has bowled today and the issues he has caused the dangerman Sharma, who decides to attack Woakes. He comes down the ground, which he has done a number of times today, and hits over mid-on for four. That will probably be Woakes’ last ball of the spell and it has been a great opening spell after a difficult tournament for the Warwickshire man.

England's Chris Woakes celebrates after taking the wicket of India's Shreyas Iyer

Chris Woakes has looked much better today than the rest of the tournament – Sajjad Hussain/Getty Images

09:32 AM GMT

OVER 13: IND 42/3 (Sharma 28 Rahul 1)

How does Sharma now approach this? Can he go as hard as he would if India were only one wicket down? Two runs from Rashid’s second over and England have a grip on the game at the moment. But they cannot let India away here. England need to keep their foot on India’s throat.

09:28 AM GMT

OVER 12: IND 40/3 (Sharma 26 Rahul 0)

What a brilliant start this has been by England, where has this been for the rest of the tournament? KL Rahul has come out to join Sharma at the crease.

09:26 AM GMT


Shreyas c Wood b Woakes 4

Woakes is going to continue. India were 22/0 off three overs. Eight overs later India have lost two wickets and scored just 17 more runs.That is a beauty from Woakes. He gets one to nip away from Shreyas, who is dragged into a drive. It goes just past the edge. Next ball Woakes finds the edge but like Sharma earlier, it falls short of Root at first-slip. Root has now come closer. But Woakes has his man now. He bowls back of a length and Shreyas tries to pull, but only finds the splice. It loops up to Wood at mid-on, who takes an easy catch. FOW 40/3

09:21 AM GMT

OVER 11: IND 39/2 (Sharma 26 Shreyas 4)

With now four fielders allowed outside the circle, Jos Buttler has turned to spin as Adil Rashid is coming on to bowl, replacing Willey, who bowled well in the first powerplay. Sharma vs Rashid is going to be a fascinating and key battle. Four singles come from Rashid’s first over.

09:18 AM GMT

OVER 10: IND 35/2 (Sharma 24 Shreyas 2)

Sharma is having some luck here. Woakes does drop short and wide, but Sharma’s uppercut flies over Root at slip. That is the end of the first powerplay and England have won it. They just need to get the wicket of Sharma quickly.

09:15 AM GMT

OVER 9: IND 31/2 (Sharma 20 Shreyas 2)

Has Sharma been run-out? A Shreyas drive is stopped by Malan at cover and turns down a single. Sharma has to get back to his crease as Stokes fires in the throw. Stokes hits the stumps but Sharma just about gets back in. So close again to a third wicket for England. England have started really well with the ball and in the field. A maiden over for Willey and England have made a great start to this game, in stark contrast to the rest of the tournament. But Sharma is still there.

“This is exactly what England needed: two wickets with the new ball and Virat Kohli gone for a nine ball duck, the longest of his career. It is fair to say the noise level has dropped a thousand notches. Credit to Dave Willey, who has been tremendous at this World Cup despite being the only player in the squad not to receive a central contract. He has the tenacity England need in this desperate position and was clearly working to a plan there for his IPL team-mate Kohli.”

09:09 AM GMT

OVER 8: IND 31/2 (Sharma 20 Shreyas 2)

Nearly another for England. Shreyas tries to flick into the leg-side but gets a leading edge. It just goes over cover but that could so easily have been a third wicket for England.

Woakes is bowling his best at this tournament by an absolute mile. He gets one to nip back into Sharma, who leaves it. It hits the pads but it was going over. Sharma then comes down the wicket and pulls away to deep square-leg for a couple.

09:06 AM GMT

OVER 7: IND 28/2 (Sharma 18 Shreyas 1)

Just the one run and the massive wicket of Kohli in Willey’s fourth over. If they can get Sharma here England will be in dreamland.

09:04 AM GMT


Kohli c Stokes b Willey 0

What a massive wicket! Kohli had faced eight dot balls and decided to come on the charge to Willey. It comes off the splice of the bat and loops up to Stokes at mid-off for the easiest of catches. Lucknow falls silent. FOW 27/2

09:00 AM GMT

OVER 6: IND 27/1 (Sharma 18 Kohli 0)

After striking Sharma on the pads, next ball he finds the edge of Sharma’s bat but it falls agonisingly short of Root at first slip. How did that not carry? He played with hard hands but it is short of Root. The last ball is left well by Sharma not far from the off stump.

A maiden over from Woakes. This is much better from Woakes today. He has bowled three overs, one for eight.

08:55 AM GMT

OVER 5: IND 27/1 (Sharma 18 Kohli 0)

After a period of silence after the wicket, the noise levels increase massively as Virat Kohli comes out to bat. Probably India’s two favourite cricketers currently at the crease. Willey comes close to Kohli’s wicket second ball as he gets him feeling outside the off-stump. Just the one run from Willey’s third over.

08:51 AM GMT


Gill b Woakes 9

England appeal for an inside edge from Gill but the umpire remains unmoved. England think about a review but decline the option. It looked like it clipped the pad rather than the bat.

But a few balls later Woakes has his man. He nips it back into Gill and it smashes into Gill’s stumps. The old adage: “You miss, I hit.” Lucknow is silenced. FOW 26/1

08:46 AM GMT

OVER 3: IND 22/0 (Sharma 17 Gill 5)

With the way Sharma has played in this tournament England will be desperate to get him early before he gets going. Willey has started off well to him so Sharma decides to charge him. He lifts it over mid-on for four to get off the mark. He did not get brilliant contact on it but with Willey not the fastest he can advance down the wicket.

Next ball Willey drops short and Sharma dispatches him over mid-wicket for six with disdain. Off the final ball of the over Sharma charges Willey again and launches him over mid-on for the second six of the over. Already England are under pressure and Sharma is looking ominous.

India's Rohit Sharma hits a second six of his innings

Rohit Sharma looks in ominous form already – Gareth Copley/Getty Images

08:41 AM GMT

OVER 2: IND 4/0 (Sharma 0 Gill 4)

Chris Woakes, who has had a terrible tournament so far, will open the bowling from the other end with two slips in place. England need Woakes to find some form and rhythm in this game. But third ball he drops too short and Gill punches him away off the back foot for four through cover point. First boundary of the match. Dot balls for the rest of the over though so just four from the second over.

India's Shubman Gill in action as he hit four runs

Shubman Gill gets the first boundary of the match – Andrew Boyers/Reuters

08:36 AM GMT

Atmosphere in Lucknow

“Incredible atmosphere already even though half the fans are still navigating the road closures and security around the ground. Thousands stood singing loudly for the India national anthem and it feels like 90 percent of the crowd are wearing the blue replica shirt of India.

The Ekana Sportz City is a new stadium, built in 2017 with decent facilities for the crowd.  Next door is a massive shopping mall complete with Marks and Spencer and H&M. Modern India on show. The last time England played in Lucknow was in 1993, a warm-up before the first Test. The city has changed, modern touring has changed too: they wouldn’t bother with a warm up now.”

India fans in the stands before the match

It is noisy in Lucknow as India take on England – Adnan Abidi/Reuters

08:36 AM GMT

OVER 1: IND 0/0 (Sharma 0 Gill 0)

Here we go in Lucknow. Rohit Sharma will face the first ball of the match from David Willey.

Good start from Willey as he gets one to go past the outside edge of Sharma. Not really close to the edge but Willey got Sharma feeling for it outside his off-stump. A few balls later Willey gets Sharma to nibble at another one but again goes past the edge of the bat. The last ball also goes past the edge ad that is a maiden over from Willey. A really good start for him and England.

08:29 AM GMT

Sky Sports’ Nasser Hussain

“England need to silence the crowd, spoil the party.

“Three weeks ago this would have been a box-office game – world champions vs home nation trying to become world champions – so England need to remind people how good a side they are.

“Buttler is key. Not Buttler the captain but Buttler the batter. He has been lacking in this tournament.”

08:28 AM GMT

Ready to go in Lucknow

Anthems done, we are now just minutes away from the first ball going down.

08:24 AM GMT

Anthem time

The players are out onto the pitch and it is time for the national anthems.

The national flags of England and India are displayed before the start of the 2023 ICC Men's Cricket World Cup one-day international match between India and England at the Ekana Cricket Stadium in Lucknow

Anthem time in Lucknow – Tauseef Mustafa/Getty Images

08:22 AM GMT

Reminder of the team news

England: Jonny Bairstow, Dawid Malan, Joe Root, Ben Stokes, Jos Buttler (c/wk), Liam Livingstone, Moeen Ali, Chris Woakes, David Willey, Adil Rashid, Mark Wood.

India: Rohit Sharma (c), Shubman Gill, Virat Kohli, Shreyas Iyer, KL Rahul (wk), Suryakumar Yadav, Ravindra Jadeja, Mohammed Shami, Jasprit Bumrah, Kuldeep Yadav, Mohammed Siraj.

08:17 AM GMT

Former England captain Eoin Morgan on Sky Sports

“Bowling first is not a decision I would have made, given conditions and the state of play England find themselves in.

“When you are battling to compete in a tournament, you always turn to your strongest suit and their strongest suit is batting. In order to get themselves in the game, I would have batted first.

“It is going to be a huge challenge for Woakes, Wood, Willey and the spinners. If Gill and Rohit get going they can be very difficult to stop, so to bowl first was an interesting decision from Buttler.

“England have been so low on confidence and that has been visible on the field.”

08:14 AM GMT

Right decision to bowl first?

“Jos Buttler has chosen to bowl first, which feels like the right call despite the mauling England suffered doing so against South Africa. India have chased in all five of their wins so far and of course Virat Kohli is the master of such things so make them bat first and play a different game. It requires England to strike with the new ball, and that has been a problem for them, but Australia reduced India to two for three in the opening game, the only time they have wobbled.

“It will be interesting in front of a passionate home crowd if that happens again. How will they react? England will have to deal with the heat of the day at 31C but it is not humid like Mumbai so should not be as draining. England have stuck with an unchanged side, India too which means no Ravi Ashwin on what is expected to be a turning pitch. England will be happy about that. Shame Buttler has not picked Harry Brook, England going with experience rather than looking to the future.”

08:11 AM GMT

India captain Rohit Sharma at the toss

“It looks like a good pitch. It is a new surface that has been laid here and it has played quite nicely in the tournament.

“It is important to get the two points, whatever it takes to do that. We have played some good cricket and hope we can continue.”

Sharma declared at the toss that he would have batted first anyway.

08:06 AM GMT

India also unchanged

08:05 AM GMT

England unchanged

08:04 AM GMT

England win the toss

Jos Buttler has called correctly and has decided to have a bowl first.

England are unchanged.

08:02 AM GMT

Time for the toss

The two captains, Jos Buttler of England and Rohit Sharma of India, are out in the middle and we are ready for the toss.

07:59 AM GMT

Your predictions

How do you think England will fare in Lucknow against India today? Will the horror show that has been this World Cup continue or can England actually turn up? You can have your say in the comments section at the bottom of the blog.

07:57 AM GMT

Coming to the end?

Are England’s golden white-ball generation coming to the end of the road? Nick Hoult has given his say on the failings of the golden generation during this World Cup.

David Willey and Chris Woakes of England share a laugh during a net session

Will Chris Woakes and David Willey continue playing for England beyond the World Cup? – Matt Roberts/Getty Images

07:48 AM GMT

Fancy a bet?

Having a bet on today’s match? First take a look at these free bets and betting offers.

07:45 AM GMT

Much hope?

How much confidence do you have that England can beat the hosts and currently unbeaten India? A few years ago we would all be very confident and buzzing for the game, but there is a real feeling of trepidation and fear going into this one.

07:42 AM GMT

Back to the bad old days

England have made so many mistakes during this tournament. They have not been sure of the balance of their side and have been chopping and changing, so unlike the England ODI side of the last eight years. According to Will Macpherson, this World Cup is more akin to the bad old days of the 1990’s.

Mark Wood looking dejected

England’s disastrous tournament has been full of errors and mistakes, on and off the field – Andrew Boyers/Reuters

07:35 AM GMT

Time for change?

It is safe to say that this World Cup has gone nowhere near to plan. According to our very own Nick Hoult, England have hit rock bottom. Is it time to back youth? To read more, click here.

Harry Brook of England prepares to bat during a nets session at Wankhede Stadium

Should England build their side going forward around Harry Brook? – Gareth Copley/Getty Images

07:13 AM GMT

How much worse can it get for England?

England are nearly out of the Cricket World Cup and they face the daunting task of facing India today in Lucknow. The hosts have won five from five whereas England have lost four out of five. The performances from England so far have been woeful, more akin to what they were like in the bad old days of English ODI cricket. It is a far cry from what we saw from England not just in 2019 World Cup but also in the four-year cycle building up to that tournament.

Captain Jos Buttler admitted after a heavy eight-wicket defeat to Sri Lanka in the week that his team’s chances of progression to the semi-finals are virtually over.

England's Jos Buttler cuts a dejected figure following following their defeat to Sri Lanka at M. Chinnaswamy Stadium

Jos Buttler’s side are facing a humiliating exit at the group stage – Gareth Copley/Getty Images

“It certainly looks that way and that’s incredibly disappointing. It would need a few miracles. You get on the plane with high hopes and a lot of confidence and belief that we can challenge for the title, so to be sat here now with the three weeks we’ve had is a shock to everyone.

“I’ll walk back in the dressing room after this, look at the players sat there and think ‘how have we found ourselves in this position with the talent and the skill that’s in the room? But it is the position we’re in, it’s the reality of what’s happened over the last three weeks and that’s a huge low point.”

England have lost to Afghanistan in this tournament and been on the receiving end of thrashings by New Zealand, South Africa and Sri Lanka. England assistant coach Marcus Trescothick knows that England have been nowhere near good enough in this tournament so far.

“It has been miles away from what we normally expect. We have not been up to what we expect and that is really disappointing. It is more disappointing in the team environment than anyone else. You have got to put your hand up and understand that criticism comes your way.”

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