Hold monthly adalats for differently abled persons: legislative panel


Monthly adalats shall be held in panchayats to look into issues and complaints raised by differently abled people, according to the Legislative Assembly Committee for women, children, and differently abled and transgender persons.

The panel will submit a recommendation to the house to this effect, said U. Prathibha, chairperson of the panel, after holding a sitting in Kochi on Friday.

All local bodies in the State shall maintain a record of differently abled persons. Steps to address complaints from these sections in time shall be undertaken, she suggested.

The panel considered complaints regarding issuance of identity cards and disability certificates and provision of benefits to differently abled persons on the day. The committee, which considered 31 new complaints, decided to intervene in 25 complaints and hand over three to the District Collector. It also collected evidence in two complaints that were received earlier.

Panel members Kanathil Jameela, C.K. Asha, O.S. Ambika, K. Santhakumari, and Uma Thomas, attended the sitting.

P.V. Sreenijin, MLA, District Collector N.S.K. Umesh, and senior government officials were present.

The panel members also visited Children’s Home at Kakkanad, Sakhi One Stop Centre, and observation home of the Juvenile Justice Centre and interacted with members of the Child Welfare Committee.


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