Farming Simulator 23 introduces new lineup of Kubota tractors in latest update

Farming Simulator 23 introduces new lineup of Kubota tractors in latest update


  • New lineup of Kubota tractors added
  • The game will feature the Kubota M8 Series, M7 Series and M6 Series
  • The RTV-XG850 Sidekick will also be available to conduct faster operations

Get ready to significantly enhance your farming experience as Giants Software has just released a major content update for Farming Simulator 23. This free patch welcomes one of the agricultural industry’s biggest names – Kubota. The company has been around for over a century, and you can now use their line-up of tractors in your own virtual field by expanding your fleet with some of the most popular showcase tractors from the renowned Japanese company.

Farming Simulator 23’s latest update has been introduced on all platforms including Nintendo Switch, iPhone, iPad, and Android. It features the Kubota M8 Series, M7 Series and M6 Series, offering farmers a diverse selection of vehicles to suit every need. From versatile all-rounders to powerful, high-end machines, Kubota’s tractors promise to boost the efficiency of your farming operations.


But that’s not all because the Japanese company doesn’t just make powerful, high-end machinery. For those looking for speed and manoeuvrability, be sure to take a look at the RTV-XG850 Sidekick, which is a fast and agile utility RTV that will allow you to swiftly traverse the land. It is available via an in-app purchase on mobile.

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If you haven’t played Farming Simulator 23 yet, it is the latest entry in the surprisingly popular and long-running series of games centred around providing a realistic farming experience. Of course, the successor has gone to new heights with the addition of a variety of features such as new crops, machines, distinctive maps, and a host of other novel mechanics.

Both American and European regions are available, allowing you to experience how different climatic conditions and seasonal cycles affect the entire process. Kubota’s addition should make things even more thrilling. Download Farming Simulator 23 now by clicking on your preferred link below.


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