EXCLUSIVE! Vijhay Badlaani on his love for shooting for celebration sequences: I love it because we go out of the set and also, we get immediate reaction as there are so many crew members and fans present who are watching us perform such scenes

MUMBAI :Vijhay Badlaani is currently seen in Star Plus’ popular drama series Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin. 

The actor is playing the role of Nishikanth Bhosale in the show.

Vijhay is playing the grey character and fans are in love with his performance. 

Well, with time, Vijhay’s character has seen a lot of changes. 

In an exclusive chat with TellyChakkar, Vijhay spoke about his character, upcoming twist and more. 

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The viewers have seen how Navratri celebrations in the Bhosale institute turned out to be. 

Savi went against the Bhosale family and requested them to let Shukla ji’s mother do the ‘Ghat Stapana’ instead of Surekha Bhosale. 

Spilling beans on shooting the Navratri sequence and how challenging it was, Vijhay said, ”There were many people on the set while we were shooting for the Astami puja. Almost 100 junior artists were there. Everyone was exhausted by the evening. It was a tough day and it was very hot.”

He added, ”The production handled the situation very well. They were giving us nimbu paani to keep us hydrated. Also, there were air conditioners to make sure they keep us cool and also our make up intact. We didn’t feel too much exhaustion. They were also giving us ample amount of rest. They planned it all well.”

Talking about shooting grand celebration sequences, Vijhay said, ”I love shooting such sequences because we get to go out of the set and shoot for it. On the other hand, we get immediate reaction as there are so many crew members present on the set who are watching us perform such scenes. Also, many fans come there who watch us perform, take selfies with us and also appreciate our work. They are also loving Ishaan and Savi and that’s a blessing. We don’t get to see such reactions when we are shooting inside our set. This is possible only when we go outdoor for the shoot.” 

Spilling beans on the upcoming track, Vijhay said, ”In the upcoming track, the viewers will see me, Rao Saheb and Akka Saheb in one team and Ishaan-Shantanu in another team. That will be a very big twist in the track. Also, something related to Isha is in pipeline.”

He added, ”Whatever we have heard so far, Savi will be in the Bhosale family within 2 to 3 months. Also, Reeva will soon be back.”

Stay tuned to TellyChakkar for all the latest updates.

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