Exclusive: G-Eazy Hints At Collaboration With Ananya Birla


G-Eazy has suggested the possibility of working on a joint track with Ananya Birla.

In an exclusive interview with Rolling Stone India on Wednesday (February 15), the 34-year-old Oakland-based rapper Gerald Gillum aka G-Eazy, teased a song in collaboration with Ananya Birla.

Ahead of the rapper’s Mumbai leg of his 2024 India tour, he mentioned in conversation his wonder and amazement at exploring different parts of the world and how India is a place he has always wanted to visit.

Upon being asked about his experience landing in the city and what he has done in his brief time, G-Eazy cheekily said, “Yeah, we went around Mumbai a little bit. It’s a different world, you know. A friend of mine, her name is Ananya [Birla], she’s a singer, we had dinner and hung out last night. I love her music. Yeah, we have a song on the way.”

This would mark the second high-profile international collaboration that Birla will be doing, following the release of her song “Cuffed (Jo Tha Mila)” with the Migos-rapper Offset. The song marked the beginning of Birla’s long-term partnership with the music company BMG which has offered the singer support in the licensing, marketing, and distribution of her upcoming music.

The date of this collaboration release is yet to be determined or confirmed.

Rolling Stone India’s full interview with G-Eazy is set to drop on Thursday, February 15th.


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