Electric Blue: Gecko Dash! wants to make you aware of the plight of illegal pets

Electric Blue: Gecko Dash! wants to make you aware of the plight of illegal pets


  • Electric Blue comes from On The Edge, a conservationist organisation
  • It’s intended to promote awareness of the endangered Williams’ Dwarf Gecko
  • You can learn and have fun with this new engaging game

On The Edge, a non-profit conservation organisation have announced the release of their latest game. Electric Blue: Gecko Dash! is intended to raise awareness of the illegal pet trade. You’ll play as the endangered Williams’ Dwarf Gecko as you dash to escape poachers, all while learning about this creature that’s sadly a popular pet despite being illegal to keep due to its critically endangered nature.

We previously covered the game back in December when it was still in pre-registration. But now the new dash game is in full release, and you can play it now on either the App Store or Google Play.

Gecko madness

It’s interesting to see a mobile game be used in this way, not that it’s unusual, of course. With mobile being the most popular gaming platform on the planet, if you want to reach a large audience and inform them about issues as serious as say, the illegal pet trade in endangered species, using the device that everyone has in their pocket is a good start.

The founder and CEO of On The Edge, Beth Blood, said: “With the launch of our third mobile game designed to raise awareness of lesser-known endangered species, we want to help more people fall in love with the natural world and understand the challenges these animals are facing.

“We hope that with the launch of Electric Blue: Gecko Dash! we’re able to spark curiosity across all generations and help everyone care about their plight.”

Electric Blue: Gecko Dash! promises to help educate players on a serious issue for conservation in an entertaining and fun way. Here’s hoping next time we hear about this endangered critter there’s some good news, partially inspired by this new game!

If you want some games that don’t deal with such – necessarily – heavy subject matter, why not check out something like Sonic Prime Dash, a new game in the history of another famous blue critter? Or why not just check out our current list of endless runner games for Android phones and tablets?


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