Diablo 4’s Dungeoneers unite in demand for an LFG system


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It’s easier to save Sanctuary with a few friends

The decision to make Diablo 4 have a more streamlined multiplayer aspect has been a success for the most part. However, for a game that unveils its online capabilities very early on, it’s certainly lacking in ways to take advantage of those capabilities.

Diablo 4‘s Dungeoneers seem pretty united in the demand for Blizzard to add an LFG system.

Fans over on the Diablo subreddit have made their voices heard with over 280 upvotes in favor of the game adding some sort of “looking for group” option.

Diablo 4 needs a lfg option
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Why Diablo 4 Dungeoneers demand an LFG system

First, let’s be honest. Sometimes, Diablo 4 can be hard. If your build is not quite fleshed out just yet, or if you’re attempting a Capstone Dungeon just a little bit earlier than recommended, it can be tough taking on the forces of Hell alone. Also, with a game that has a pretty well-done World Boss system, it would be nice to be able to create an efficient group to tackle such content.

Even though it wasn’t perfect, Diablo 3 had communities that allowed us to find friends for tasks like bounty farming. Obviously, it’s different, but Blizzard has crafted a pretty good LFG system for World of Warcraft. Of course, not as intricate of a system is necessary for Diablo 4, but perhaps something similar.

Dungeons themselves offer the perfect opportunity to group up with fellow players. Even though you can change difficulty in the game based on World Tiers, being able to quickly and easily group with others to tackle a specifically pesky dungeon would be perfect.

Diablo 4 Clan Overview
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Possibilities for an LFG system or similar in the future

Right now Diablo 4 has a pretty bare bones clan system. If an update made clans more similar to communities in Diablo 3, that might help players find groups.

Thankfully, the recent Diablo 4 Campfire Chat brought some pretty good news. During the stream, game director Joe Shely confirmed the team plans to implement more social features in future. They specifically highlighted a goal to eventually integrate a way for players to jump into dungeons with random players.

Unfortunately, the devs also pointed out that a system like that would take some time and probably wouldn’t be in the game until around Season Two or Season Three.

Regardless of their final decision, it seems Blizzard realizes something needs to be done. I’d imagine we will see some sort of LFG system added to Diablo 4 for Dungeoneers in time.

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