DanMachi Battle Chronicle celebrates Halloween with the Pumpkin Ephialtes event

DanMachi Battle Chronicle celebrates Halloween with the Pumpkin Ephialtes event

Aiming Inc. has just dropped a new update for the recently released title, DanMachi Battle Chronicle. The battle action RPG inspired by “Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?”, a popular anime is getting ready for a spooky Halloween with the limited-time Pumpkin Ephialtes event.

DanChro’s latest event, Pumpkin Ephialtes is already live and features fan-favourite characters Ryu and Syr in special Halloween costumes. It is an original story that takes place in the mysterious Pumpkin Village, a small town that is just outside the labyrinth city of Orario. Players can earn various Selas and upgrade materials for participating in this tale.

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The event starts off just like any other as players just need to buy some local produce. Daphne and Cassandra are selected for the task and they arrive at this frontier village that seems pretty normal. En route, the pair met Syr and Ry, who were part of the village’s harvest festival. Unbeknownst to everyone, this was just the beginning of the terrifying Pumpkin Night.

Black Cat Witch: Ryu is an Adventurer with a poisoning-type special move that lowers the cost of other techniques and special moves while attacking foes. Pumpkin Witch: Syr on the other hand is an Assist-type hero who can boost the squad’s critical damage and critical rate. Both of them also have special episodes that players can enjoy.

In addition, the game is also hosting a rewards campaign to celebrate two months of release. Everyone can get their hands on a two-month celebration daily free pack, more attempts to clear daily quests, extra SSR Adventurer, SSR Assist, Bond, Upgrade, and Limit Break packs, and two different commemorative packs at a discounted price.

Celebrate Halloween with your favourite characters by downloading DanMachi Battle Chronicle now for free by clicking on your preferred link below.

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