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PUNE: With a focus on the often- overlooked role of design in marketing success, Future Factory, a global design and consulting company has launched an awareness campaign recently. A statement issued by Future factorystated that the campaign is aimed at the marketing community, engaging brand and marketing key stakeholders in conversations about product design.It is dedicated toWorld Manufacturing month, seeking to bridge the gap between design thinking and product marketing.
Future Factory helps brands engineer innovative products through the integration of design and technology. Established in the year 1996, Future Factory operates across the process from idea to delivery, always working ‘user backward’, keeping the user at the centre of the process.
“One out of seven products succeed and most product failures can be attributed to unsolved design challenges. With this campaign, we intend to emphasize on the pivotal role design plays in shaping the perception and performance of a product in the market. Our aim is to raise the bar on the expectation of design”, says Jashish Kambli, Founder of Future Factory in a statement.
The marketing landscape is constantly evolving with innovative strategies and cutting-edge technologies at the forefront. However, one critical aspect often neglected is the impact of design on a product’s success. In the world of the 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, and Promotion), the “Product” dimension is frequently underestimated, especially concerning its design elements.
Under the ‘Makers Month’ campaign, Future Factory will initiate conversations with key marketing stakeholders of product brands to gain insights into the crucial role that design plays in the success of their products. These conversations will delve into the ways in which design thinking can transform the trajectory of a product’s marketing journey.
As part of this campaign, Future Factory will announce the launch of a video series on LinkedIn. These will feature Jashish Kambli sparking conversations with key marketing stakeholders. These thought-provoking discussions will provide a platform for experts to share their experiences, insights, and innovative strategies related to design’s impact on marketing success, added the statement.

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