Calgary Sun Letters to the Editor for Tuesday, April 16, 2024


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Wrong priorities

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I find it amusing that Councillor Penner wants to extend voting rights to permanent citizens of this country. Perhaps it may not be a bad idea, but given the fact that the city council resists a call for a plebiscite regarding the rezoning I find the idea ridiculous. Why give with one hand and take with the other? Fix the potholes before you change the voting system.

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Zdenek Kutac

(They don’t seem interested in focusing on anything that would actually improve our lives.)

Act first, think later

Practically everything Trudeau and his government have done needed to be fixed, or redone, or we eventually just suffer the consequences.

This blanket rezoning is a Trudeau/liberal idea. It’s no different than anything else the liberals have done. It’s always act first, ( usually seems without thinking), and deal with or live with the problem after.

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Kevin Keller

(Pretty sure the up-zoning matter is a city issue, Trudeau likely loves it though.)

Desperate actions

The Trudeau Liberals are desperate as their popularity is reaching an all-time low. I do believe that Trudeau will start this housing project.

What he does not talk about is the impending tax increases to fund the plan. But, some of his not elected subordinates are spilling the beans on the tax consequences, as they want to keep their jobs after the Trudeau reign.

I do not think that this proposition is a matter of trusting Trudeau, more than it is, him being forced into a political stalemate.

Caspar Pfenninger

(Regardless of why Trudeau is offering money for affordable housing, we need the housing.)

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Blameless Trudeau

When Trudeau finds himself in a difficult situation of his own making others pay the price! We saw that during the SNC Lavalin corruption scandal when he threw AG Jody Wilson Raybould under the bus to save himself. Now, when the question is what did he know and when did he know it about China’s intention to interfere in the 2019 federal election, CSIS was his victim. Imagine Trudeau questioning CSIS intelligence he received about China’s intention at this Hogue Inquiry. Then to make matters worse he said he did not always read his briefing notes!  We are witnessing the most arrogant, self serving, divisive, narcissist leader since Pierre Trudeau, who never accepts blame for anything!

Larry Comeau

(Like father, like son.)

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