BattleBit looks like Battlefield Plus Roblox, And it Outsells CS:GO


BattleBit Rakes in Obscene Amounts of Cash

A newcomer to the FPS genre has just exploded onto the scene. BattleBit is the name, and low-poly carnage is the game. Acting like a mixture of EA’s Battlefield meshed with a graphical style not dissimilar to Roblox, the game’s core premise is pretty straightforward.

BattleBit‘s own description is relatively spartan: “BattleBit Remastered aims for a chaotic, massively multiplayer online first-person shooter experience.” That’s it, that’s the whole description. It goes on to list a handful of features and its hardware specs. All are predictably low for a game that looks like this.

The benefit of low graphics, though, is that the game can handle over 250 players in a single match. Each one armed with full military gear, perhaps even a vehicle, and placed within a destructible environment. Seems like a recipe for broken games, but the only thing that breaks are anything placed before the barrel of a gun.

The game’s low price-tag and rock-bottom hardware demands make it an extremely accessible game, and nearly 50,000 people are playing it as I write this, with that number only growing with time. In fact, despite the game only existing (in early access, no less!) for just three days, it’s done incredibly well on Steam. So well, that it has evicted Counter Strike: Global Offensive from its throne atop the steam store’s “top seller” list! See it for yourself, it’s quite the sight.

This list is sorted by revenue, for reference. Look at all the other games atop this chart, like Spiderman or Lost Ark, and imagine how many different ways that money is being split.

Anyway, there are four (4) people on BattleBit’s dev team. Just a fun little factoid to leave us off with.


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