Arknights introduces the Lone Trail side story in latest update

Arknights introduces the Lone Trail side story in latest update

Yostar has just released a brand new update for Arknights, which brings a new side story to the strategic mobile RPG. Titled Lone Trail, it follows the disappearance of Director Kristen Wright as the Arc-01 project nears its conclusion. The Rhodes Island team has its hands full as they juggle between defending the Rhine Lab from military attacks while also looking for the Director simultaneously.

The Lone Trail event takes place between November 7th and December 5th in Arknights. It comes with four new operators and seven outfits from Bloodline of Combat and Ambience Synaesthesia. By completing various tasks and building their event score, players will be able to get their hands on rewards like Silence the Paradigmatic’s Token.

Of the four new operators, we’ll first take a look at Ho’olheyak. She is a 6-star Core Caster that can make opponents levitate. Her second skill launches a combo of hits that deal arts damage to random enemies in range. Each hit has an additional chance to temporarily levitate foes.

Compare the new heroes to the old ones using this Arknights tier list of all characters!

Next up is Muelseye, a 6-star Vanguard. An ecologist from Rhine Lab, Muelseye is capable of summoning Reinforcements to one Tactical Point in her radius. She can get herself and a Reinforcement a Deployment Point and increased attack, with effects changing based on the type of Reinforcement in play.

Silence the Paradigmatic is a 6-star Supporter with unique skills such as Silent Mainstay and Soaring Wings. They give Sanctuary to allies in range and restore HP as well, preventing it from going below 1. Finally, we have a 5-star Sniper, Melanite. As a Headshooter, she has a massive arsenal of weapons to deal damage with. Enemies in her line of sight will be obliterated with physical damage.

Finally, the store will feature Special Case Contact, C.U.D.O.D. for a limited time. Other items like components of Rhine Tech Eco-Garden furniture, Recruitment Permits, Battle Records, and Elite Materials will also be available.

You can download Arknights now for free.

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