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NEW DELHI: Two air strikes have been reported in the vicinity of the coastal Lebanese town of Ghaziyeh. Witnesses in the area heard loud explosions and saw thick black smoke rising from the vicinity, Reuters reported.
This incident comes after the Israeli military confirmed that it had targeted weapons depots near the port city of Sidon. Lebanese state media has identified these strikes as Israeli, with reports suggesting that a car was hit.
Lebanese security sources have stated that the strikes hit factories and warehouses in an industrial area south of Sidon, but the exact targets remain unclear. It has been reported that at least 14 people, mostly Syrian workers, have been injured in the strikes.
The Israeli military has stated that these air strikes were a response to a drone launched into Israel by the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah. It is worth noting that Israel has been conducting air strikes in the border area of southern Lebanon against Hezbollah, which has been launching rockets into Israel. However, strikes further north of the border zone have been rare.
According to Hezbollah’s announced figures and a Reuters count of civilian deaths, more than 170 Hezbollah fighters and nearly three dozen civilians have been killed in Israeli strikes on Lebanon since the group launched rockets in support of Hamas.
Last week, Israeli strikes in southern Lebanon resulted in the deaths of 10 civilians and several Hezbollah fighters, including a commander in the group’s elite Radwan force. In response, Hezbollah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah has vowed that Israel will pay “in blood” for the killing of civilians. Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz has warned that Lebanon will “pay a heavy price” if diplomatic efforts fail to remove Hezbollah from the border zone.
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