21-Year-Old Intern Commutes To Work By Plane To Save Rent In US


A 21-year-old woman named Sophia Celentano from South Carolina commutes to her New Jersey summer internship at Ogilvy Health by plane, weekly. Ms Celentano revealed it on her TikTok account and said that it is cheaper than renting near a house in New Jersey.

Her story on TikTok went soon viral. She titled the post, “Why I take a plane to work.” She revealed that she is commuting by plane one day a week to get to and from her summer job. She said, “I understand this is an untraditional thing to do, but it works for me.”

She revealed that she wakes up at 3 am to catch her morning flight. During the TikTok video, she also said that she would rather catch a flight every Wednesday to spend time with her family.

She also added that she did not want to rent a place in Parsippany, New Jersey. “A lot of people also think that I’m probably driving myself crazy mentally and physically getting up that early and taking two planes a day, but it honestly is not that difficult for me.”

“I like travelling a lot- I like the adventure.”

She also took to LinkedIn to explain why she opts to commute by plane. “$3,400+ a month for rent, I book a $100 round-trip flight on the one day a week I work in-person.”

“Plus, my untraditional commute provides me with more lifestyle freedom, and I genuinely look forward to my weekly adventures,” Ms Celentano added.

She claimed that she is not alone. In the TikTok video, the 21-year-old said that one employee commutes from Atlanta, Georgia, each week.

“I think the most difficult part of this commute is not getting up at 3 am,” she said.

She said that the hours-long wait at the airport before her flight home takes off is the most difficult part. “The most difficult part is having to wait for a couple of hours at the Newark airport before my flight home.”

The internet was flabbergasted to hear that the intern commutes for only one day in the office via plane.

A user asked, “Environmental impact?”

Responding to the query, Ms Celentano wrote, “Thank you for raising this concern, as this is something I am very conscientious of. I wouldn’t have decided to commute by plane if this program was longer than 10 weeks for this very reason. I am hoping more sustainable modes of high-speed transportation will be available shortly, as we could all benefit tremendously from that!”

Another user wrote, “$400 vs $3400? There’s a no-brainer there.”

The third user questioned, “My only question is why were you looking at rentals in Manhattan (almost an hour commute every day over toll roads) when the job is in NJ where rent is significantly lower?”

“Perhaps the lesson here is that interns should be paid a decent wage like everyone else,” the fourth user wrote.


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