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VRChat is a very interesting place. Perhaps it’s not the first thing someone thinks of when it comes to a “VR Game,” as the title originally started out as a social hub. It’s birthed many memes and content through its years of life on the Oculus DK1 and Steam (and 4 on Meta Quest), but it’s also evolved. Thanks to the introduction of Udon, VRChat‘s in-house coding language, players are now able to build more complex worlds. This has led to a slew of new experiences, and most importantly, very impressive games. Here’s a collection of 10 worlds that you need to see if you ever log onto VRChat.

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10. Eccentric Rooms

Author: suzuki_i

Compatibility: PC Only

While this room is PC Only, it’s a great way to start off this list. It’s not a game, nor is it a hangout spot. Rather, Eccentric Rooms provides exactly what is shown in the title: a collection of rooms that bend the mind and show players what VRChat‘s Udon coding is capable of. Some of the highlights of the world include a room where you can walk on walls, a planetoid where gravity allows you to walk on its surface, a third-person VR Camera, and a Recursive room, where a small room in the middle is a mirror of that exact room, and looking out from the open ceiling reveals a larger you staring in.

This world is fun to explore on your own, but it’s recommended you grab some friends (and surprise them with this world) and try out the many rooms available, as some of them won’t make sense without other players.

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9. Power Stars!/Power Stars 2!

Author: DSMT

Compatibility: PC & Quest

These two worlds share the same spot, as they’re technically the same idea. Power Stars (and Power Stars 2) ports two levels from Super Mario 64 into VRChat using Udon. Power Stars includes Bob-Omb Battlefield, while Power Stars 2 contains Whomp’s Fortress. Both worlds include every star from each level, including the 100-coin star, as well as functional cannons, boss fights, and Mario’s ground pound, triple-jump, and long jump.

The world isn’t co-op, so each player will have to complete each star on their own, but having everyone in the same instance will allow players to race. Completing the world will net you the wing cap in Power Stars 1, and the Owl in Power Stars 2 as a reward. Author DSMT has also listed speedrun times on Power Stars 2, so if you’re a fan of speedrunning, attempt to snag a spot on the leaderboard!

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8. Udon Sword II


Compatibility: PC Only

Udon Sword II brings classic dungeon crawling into VRChat, allowing four players to make their way through a dungeon, each with their own intricate classes. Players can take on Udon Sword II as a Tank, Healer, Archer, or Monk, each with their own abilities. The Tank can provoke enemies to attack them, while Healers can cast multiple spells from their book.

It’s a lengthy dungeon, and it’s best if you bring along some friends for the quest. It’s a must-visit for players who want to take on hordes of enemies with a band of adventurers.

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7. Instagib Tournament

Author: ville672

Compatibility: PC & Quest

Instagib Tournament is exactly what it says in the title. This brings the classic action of Unreal Tournament’s Instagib modifier into VRChat. Supporting up to 12 players, (or bots if you’re playing solo) you’ll spawn into two high-rise towers with a railgun. It’s a free-for-all deathmatch where your only chance for survival is your quick reflexes and fast moves, as the clock ticks down and the frag limit determines the winner.

Instagib Tournament also includes a double-jump modifier, so players can really test out their movement abilities, as well as an announcer for when you go on a killing spree.

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6. Scanner

Author: Trixelized

Compatibility: PC & Quest

Transitioning to a more cerebral world, Scanner allows players to team up and uncover a hidden environment using LiDAR scanners. The world is completely pitch-black, and impossible to see; though, by using the LiDAR scanner, you can unveil the world and explore its hidden secrets.

Multiple players can see what others have scanned, and you’re able to choose how long the scan lingers before de-spawning. There are multiple hidden areas to explore, as the world is quite large, and while you can see through the walls, you can’t pass through them. Your only means of navigation being the Scanner in your hand.

Also hidden throughout the world are floating question marks, each one unlocking a new theme for your scanner. With environments like a bedroom, a library, and even a graveyard hidden in the world, you’ll spend a lot of time trying to find everything Scanner provides.

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5. Super Tower Defense

Author: DragonCookie

Compatibility: PC & Quest

Super Tower Defense is a simple world, but it’s a highly engaging one. Players can work together to defend their stack of hearts from the oncoming invasion of small cars using powerful weaponry. Using items like a Minigun, a Rocket Catapult, or even the powerful Miracle, this simple tower defense game becomes more complex as you work together to find which towers synergize as you take on the endless waves of cars.

However, even after you beat the game at wave 50, you can continue into an endless mode as cars become more and more powerful. Some upgrades require you to sacrifice hearts in conjunction with your cash, but boast an even higher tier of power.

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4. EvolvedAnt Arcade

Author: EvolvedAnt

Compatibility: PC & Quest

EvolvedAnt Arcade brings the delightful memory of arcades and indoor playpens into the VR experience. The world spans multiple sections, allowing players to explore and play to their heart’s content. Sporting an indoor play space with climbable walls, a ball pit, and enough tubes to make your head spin, players can either explore the play space or engage in a game of tag, complete with silly chase music emanating from the person who’s “It.”

Also included in the world is a trampoline park, allowing players to bounce around and toss large billiard balls into hoops, the hoops themselves are in the same spot for everyone, so trying to score into the hoop before someone else can is a great way to challenge your friends.

Furthermore, the arcade provides multiple games for players to try. While this section of the world is the most unfinished, it does sport a functional version of Tetris (called Udontris), Flappy Bird, and Pop the Lock. With its most recent update, the arcade also introduced its own take on Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, allowing players to take on a custom bomb with its own manual.

Lastly, walking down the hallway (where the floor functions as a working piano) players reach the Party room, complete with a video player to upload your own tunes, and a dance floor for when the party really starts!

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3. Gun Em Down VR

Author: Dinky_

Compatibility: PC & Quest

Gun Em Down VR is a high-stakes 8v8 team deathmatch game inspired by old-school World War 2 Call of Duty titles. The game sports a fully functional ranking system, with each level unlocking something new.

Players can save their progress by snapping a picture of the code found on the typewriter next to their loadout, allowing them to leave the world, and pick up right where they left off.

The title sports four weapons for the Axis and Allies teams, as well as multiple perks, and functional killstreaks like a Scout Plane, a Care Package, and of course, plenty of Air Strikes.

Each weapon is manually reloaded, having players chamber rounds with the bolt action of their sniper, or insert the clip into their Garand, hearing the classic ping when they run out of ammo.

For players wanting a classic Call of Duty experience in VR, Gun Em Down offers this in spades.

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2. Maple’s Kuso House

Author: MapleJava

Compatibility: PC & Quest

Stepping away from games, Maple’s Kuso House is a classic VRChat hangout world, perfect for when you’re winding down after world hopping with friends. The world sports a cozy home, with plenty of simple trinkets and locations to enjoy.

Inside the house, players can find a video player in the living room to play some videos or music, and the bar in the back allows players to mix together colors to make fancy drinks. Upstairs in the house, you can find a functional billiards table, supporting 1v1, or 2v2 games. Also upstairs is a bedroom with a computer, a couch, and a bathroom with a working faucet and shower head.

While the room is mostly for show, the hidden harmonica behind the bedroom couch unlocks a portal in the living room to a mystical island in space, with a mirror for players who want to admire their avatars.

However, the main attraction of the world is outside. The house sits on a beach, where players can take a crack at Suikawari, or Watermelon Splitting. Out on the dock of the beach, players can also find four fishing rods, which can be cast into the water, and allow players to fish for some of the many creatures in the sea.

However, if you’re unlucky (or lucky) enough, you may find yourself reeling in a sandal, or even a boot!

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1. Fate of the Irbloss

Author: xCirrex

Compatibility: PC Only

The final spot on this list goes to Fate of the Irbloss. It’s a fully functional co-op space adventure based on FTL: Faster than Light, Eve Online, and Freespace. Up to five players will take one of many roles as the crew of the rickety spaceship, The Irbloss.

Players can join in on the ship as either the Pilot, Weapons, Shields, or Hacker, each with their own duties and responsibilities. However, space isn’t a forgiving place and plenty of people are out to blast you into stardust. As your ship is attacked by enemies, you’ll need to make repairs. Whether it’s fires in the hallway, breaches in the ship draining oxygen, or invaders hijacking your teleporter, you’ll need to use your secondary class to determine the most effective way to solve these problems, using your blaster to dispatch the invaders, or using your welding gun to repair crucial parts of the ship.

Each victory nets you scrap, which you can use to upgrade your ship, increasing its evasion, its shield capacity, or the power of your hacking. You can also spend your scrap at shops as well to repair your ship, buy some new weapons, or purchase passive abilities that make your voyage easier, such as the ability to not consume missiles upon use, or drones to help repair your ship.

Fate of the Irbloss is the closest thing to a full game inside VRChat, complete with three separate endings, which you’ll have to discover yourself.

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